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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]; Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief: Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [2]; Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [3]


This section shows the list of topics available for the crowdiagnosis project and how to select a topic. You can also update the status of your chosen topic here by going into the edit box for entering the details so that your work is not overlapped by the work of other editors.

Select a Topic

  1. Select a topic from the below list.
  2. Click on the topic to make sure that the causes page of the topic is empty and not already worked. Example of causes page: Empty causes page | Completed causes page
  3. To claim a topic, email WikiDoc [4] the name of the topic you are willing to choose for this project.
  4. Your active assignments can be viewed here.


List of Common Symptoms

# System Symptom Editor Status
1 General Cachexia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
2 General Loss of appetite (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
3 General Weight loss (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
4 General Weight gain (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
5 General Dry mouth (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
6 General Fatigue (Kiran) (complete)
7 General Malaise (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
8 General Asthenia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
9 General Muscle weakness (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
10 General Pyrexia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
11 General Jaundice (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
12 General Pain (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
13 General Abdominal pain (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
14 General Chest pain (Kiran) (complete)
15 General Dyspareunia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
16 General Vaginismus (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
17 General Bruising (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
18 General Epistaxis (Kiran) (complete)
19 General Tremor (Kiran) (complete)
20 General Convulsions (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
21 General Muscle cramps (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
22 General Paralysis (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
23 General Tinnitus (Kiran) (complete)
24 General Dizziness (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
25 General Vertigo (Kiran) (complete)
26 General Syncope (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
27 General Fecal incontinence (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
28 General Cataplexy (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
29 General Hypothermia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
30 General Hyperthermia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
31 Neurological/Psychological Anxiety (Kiran) (complete)
32 Neurological/Psychological Ataxia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
33 Neurological/Psychological Catatonia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
34 Neurological/Psychological Dysarthria (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
35 Neurological/Psychological Somnolence (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
36 Neurological/Psychological Insomnia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
37 Ocular Amaurosis fugax (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
38 Ocular Blurred vision (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
39 Ocular Double vision (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
40 Ocular Mydriasis (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
41 Ocular Miosis (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
42 Ocular Nystagmus (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
43 Gastrointestinal Anorexia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
44 Gastrointestinal Bloating (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
45 Gastrointestinal Belching (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
46 Gastrointestinal Hematochezia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
47 Gastrointestinal Melena (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
48 Gastrointestinal Constipation (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
49 Gastrointestinal Diarrhea (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
50 Gastrointestinal Dysphagia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
51 Gastrointestinal Dyspepsia (Kiran) (complete)
52 Gastrointestinal Flatulence (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
53 Gastrointestinal Nausea (Kiran) (complete)
54 Gastrointestinal Pyrosis (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
55 Gastrointestinal Vomiting (Kiran) (complete)
56 Cardiovascular Claudication (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
57 Cardiovascular Palpitation (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
58 Cardiovascular Tachycardia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
59 Cardiovascular Bradycardia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
60 Cardiovascular Arrhythmia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
61 Cardiovascular Reticulocytosis (editor name here) skip
62 Cardiovascular Macrocytosis (editor name here) skip
63 Urologic Dysuria (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
64 Urologic Polyuria (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
65 Urologic Hematuria (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
66 Urologic Urinary frequency (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
67 Urologic Urinary incontinence (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
68 Urologic Impotence (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
69 Pulmonary Hypoventilation (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
70 Pulmonary Hyperventilation (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
71 Pulmonary Bradypnea (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
72 Pulmonary Apnea (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
73 Pulmonary Cough (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
74 Pulmonary Dyspnea Kiran Complete
75 Pulmonary Hemoptysis (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
76 Pulmonary Pleuritic chest pain (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
77 Pulmonary Phlegm (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
78 Pulmonary Tachypnea (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
79 Integumentary Rash (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
80 Integumentary Itching (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
81 Integumentary Edema (Martin) (complete)
82 Integumentary Anasarca (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
83 Integumentary Blister (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
84 Integumentary Urticaria (editor name here) (complete/in progress)
85 Integumentary Paresthesia (editor name here) (complete/in progress)

Lipoprotein Disorders

Topics Files Author Quality Check Comment Peer Review
High chylomicron Twinkle Singh, M.B.B.S. [5] pending QC
High chylomicron remnant Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [6] Done
Lipoprotein disorders Mother of all(Leave it till the end)
High HDL Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [7] QC'd - -
High IDL Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [8] pending QC
High LDL Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [9] Done
High VLDL Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [10] Done
High cholesterol Mohamed Moubarak, M.D. [11] pending QC
High triglyceride Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [12] pending QC
Hyperlipoproteinemia Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [13] pending QC Mother of all(Leave it till the end)
Hypolipoproteinemia Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [14] pending QC Mother of all(Leave it till the end)
Low cholesterol Mohamed Moubarak, M.D. [15] pending QC
Low chylomicron Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [16] pending QC
Low chylomicron remnant Mohamed Moubarak, M.D. [17] Complete
Low triglyceride Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [18] pending QC
Low HDL Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [19] QC'd - -
Low IDL Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [20] pending QC
Low LDL Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [21] pending QC
Low VLDL Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [22] pending QC

High Priority Cardiology Topics


Topics Files Author Status Comment Peer Review
Bradycardia Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [23]
First degree AV block Mahmoud Sakr, M.D. [24] Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [25]
Low atrial focus bradycardia Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [26]
Idioventricular rhythm Mahmoud Sakr, M.D. [27] Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [28]
Respiratory sinus arrhythmia Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [29] Mahmoud Sakr, M.D. [30]
Second degree AV block Mahmoud Sakr, M.D. [31] Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [32]
Short PR interval Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [33]
Sick sinus syndrome Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [34]
Sinoatrial block Mahmoud Sakr, M.D. [35] Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [36]
Sinus arrest Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [37]
Sinus bradycardia Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [38]
Third degree AV block Hilda Mahmoudi M.D., M.P.H.[39] Mahmoud Sakr, M.D. [40]
Junctional bradycardia Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [41] Mahmoud Sakr, M.D. [42]
Isorhythmic A-V dissociation Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [43] Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [44]
Intraventricular conduction delay Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [45]
Ventricular escape beat Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [46] Mahmoud Sakr, M.D. [47]

List of Other Arrhythmia Topics

Topics Files Author Status Comment Peer Review
Atrial fibrillation
Atrial flutter Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [48]
AVRT Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [49]
AVNRT Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [50]
Focal atrial tachycardia Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [51]
Inappropriate sinus tachycardia Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [52]
Junctional tachycardia Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [53]
Left anterior fascicular block (LAFB) Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [54] High priority
LBBB Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [55] High priority
Left posterior fascicular block (LPFB) Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [56] High priority
Multifocal atrial tachycardia Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [57]
RBBB Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [58] High priority
Sinoatrial nodal reentry tachycardia Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [59]
Sinus tachycardia Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [60]
SVT Ayokunle Olubaniyi, M.B,B.S [61]

List of Other Cardiology Topics

Topics Files Quality Check Author Comment
Abdominal aortic aneurysm Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [62]
Aortic dissection Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [63]
Aortic insufficiency Done Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [64] High priority
Aortic stenosis Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [65] High priority
Aortitis Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [66]
Atrial flutter Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [67]
Cardiomegaly Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [68]
Cardiomyopathy Ayokunle Olubaniyi
Congestive heart failure High priority
Constrictive pericarditis Mugilan Poongkunran
Continuous murmur
Endocarditis Vendhan
Hypertension High priority
Hypotension Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [69]
Malignant hypertension High priority
Mitral regurgitation Done Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [70] High priority
Mitral stenosis Done Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [71] High priority
Mitral valve prolapse Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [72]
Myocarditis Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [73]
Pericardial effusion Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [74]
Pericardial friction rub Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [75]
Pericarditis Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [76]
Premature atrial complex Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [77]
Premature ventricular complex Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [78]
Pulmonary hypertension Mohamed Moubarak, M.D. [79] High priority
Pulmonary regurgitation Done Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [80] High priority
Pulmonary stenosis Done Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [81] High priority
Pulse pressure Mohamed
Pulsus alternans Mohamed
Pulsus bigeminus Done Mohamed
Pulsus bisferiens Mohamed
Pulsus paradoxus Vendhan
Pulsus parvus et tardus Vendhan
SVT Ayokunle Olubaniyi
Tricuspid insufficiency Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [82] High priority
Tricuspid stenosis Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [83] High priority
Ventricular tachycardia Mugilan Poongkunran M.B.B.S [84]

List of All Topics

Topics Files Author Status Comment
Abadie's symptom Template:Filepath
Abnormal posturing Template:Filepath Hilda Mahmoudi M.D., M.P.H.[85] Complete
Aboulia Template:Filepath Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [86] Complete
Absence seizure Template:Filepath Kiran Singh, M.D. [87] Complete
Acanthosis nigricans Template:Filepath Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [88] Kiran Singh, M.D. [89]
Acid indigestion Template:Filepath
Acquired cardiac valve disease Template:Filepath
Acral necrosis Template:Filepath Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [90]
Acrocyanosis Template:Filepath Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [91]
Acrocyanosis (benign) Template:Filepath
Acrocyanosis (not benign) Template:Filepath
Acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans Template:Filepath Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [92]
Actinic conjunctivitis Template:Filepath Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [93]
Acute muscle soreness Template:Filepath Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [94]
Acute viral nasopharyngitis (common cold) Template:Filepath Complete
Adhesion (medicine) Template:Filepath Complete
Adson's sign Template:Filepath
Adynamia Template:Filepath Complete
Agonal respiration Template:Filepath
Agrammatism Template:Filepath
Air crescent sign Template:Filepath
Air hunger Template:Filepath
Airway obstruction Template:Filepath Hilda Mahmoudi M.D., M.P.H.[95]
Alexithymia Template:Filepath
Algesia Template:Filepath
Alkaline Phosphatase Template:Filepath
Allen's test Template:Filepath
Allodynia Template:Filepath
Alogia Template:Filepath
Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Template:Filepath
Alpha-Fetoprotein Template:Filepath
Amaurosis Template:Filepath Marcelo R. Zacarkim, M.D. [96]
Amaurosis fugax Template:Filepath Marcelo R. Zacarkim, M.D. [97]
Aminotransferases Template:Filepath
Angina tonsillaris Template:Filepath
Angor animi Template:Filepath
Anion Gap Template:Filepath
Anisocoria Template:Filepath
Anorectal Pain Template:Filepath Ogheneochuko Ajari, MB.BS, MS [98]
Anosmia Template:Filepath Hilda Mahmoudi M.D., M.P.H.[99]
Anosognosia Template:Filepath
Anovulatory Bleeding Template:Filepath
Antianalgesia Template:Filepath
Antimitochondrial Antibodies Template:Filepath
Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies Template:Filepath
Antinuclear Antibody Template:Filepath
Antistreptococcal Antibodies Template:Filepath
Antithyroid Microsomal Antibodies Template:Filepath
Aortic Insufficiency Template:Filepath
Aortic Stenosis Template:Filepath
Apnea Template:Filepath
Apneustic respirations Template:Filepath
Aprosody Template:Filepath
Apyrexy Template:Filepath
Arachnodactyly Template:Filepath
Argyll Robertson pupil Template:Filepath
Arterial Bruit Template:Filepath
Arthritis Template:Filepath
Ascending cholangitis Template:Filepath
Ashman phenomenon Template:Filepath
Aspermia Template:Filepath
Asthenopia Template:Filepath
Ataxic respiration Template:Filepath
Athymhormia Template:Filepath
Atrophic rhinitis Template:Filepath
Atrophic vaginitis Template:Filepath
Austin Flint murmur Template:Filepath
Automatic behavior Template:Filepath
Avolition Template:Filepath
Babinski's Reflex Template:Filepath
Back pain Template:Filepath Hilda Mahmoudi M.D., M.P.H.[100] Completed
Balanitis circinata Template:Filepath
Barrel Chest Template:Filepath
Basophilic Leukocytes Template:Filepath
Beeturia Template:Filepath
Bertolotti's syndrome Template:Filepath
Biliary Colic Template:Filepath
Biot's respiration Template:Filepath
Black Pox Template:Filepath
Blastocystosis Template:Filepath
Bleeding Gums Template:Filepath
Blepharitis Template:Filepath
Blister Template:Filepath
Bloody show Template:Filepath
Blue Sclera Template:Filepath
Boas' sign Template:Filepath
Bone pain Template:Filepath
Borborygmus Template:Filepath
Bouchard's nodes Template:Filepath
Brachioradial pruritis Template:Filepath
Bradypnea Template:Filepath
Brain Tumors Template:Filepath
Brain freeze Template:Filepath
Brain zaps Template:Filepath
Breakthrough pain Template:Filepath
Breast Lumps Template:Filepath
Breast Pain and Discharge Template:Filepath
Bronchiolitis Template:Filepath
Bronchophony Template:Filepath
Bronchorrhea Template:Filepath
Bronchospasm Template:Filepath
Brudzinski's Sign Template:Filepath
Bubo Template:Filepath
Burping Template:Filepath
Bursitis Template:Filepath
Cachexia Template:Filepath
Café au lait spot Template:Filepath
Canga's bead symptom Template:Filepath
Caput medusae Template:Filepath
Cardarelli's sign Template:Filepath
Cardiac Dysrhythmias Template:Filepath
Cardiomegaly Template:Filepath
Castell's sign Template:Filepath
Cataplexy Template:Filepath
Cellulitis Template:Filepath
Central facial palsy Template:Filepath
Central neurogenic hyperventilation Template:Filepath
Central obesity Template:Filepath
Cerebrovascular Accident Template:Filepath
Cervical motion tenderness Template:Filepath
Cervicitis Template:Filepath
Chadwick's sign Template:Filepath
Chancre Template:Filepath
Chemical colitis Template:Filepath
Cheyne-Stokes respiration Template:Filepath
Chlorodyne Template:Filepath
Cholecystitis Template:Filepath
Chondrocalcinosis Template:Filepath
Chorea Template:Filepath
Chorioamnionitis Template:Filepath
Chronic Vision Loss Template:Filepath
Chronic bronchitis Template:Filepath
Chronic paroxysmal hemicrania Template:Filepath
Chronic pelvic pain Template:Filepath
Chvostek's Sign Template:Filepath
Chylothorax Template:Filepath
Cinchonism Template:Filepath
Clanging Template:Filepath
Claudication Template:Filepath
Clonus Template:Filepath
Closed-eye hallucination Template:Filepath
Clubbing Template:Filepath
Cluster headache Template:Filepath
Coated Tongue Template:Filepath
Coffee ground vomiting Template:Filepath
Cold water extraction Template:Filepath
Colitis Template:Filepath
Collapse (medical) Template:Filepath
Collapsing Pulse Template:Filepath
Complex partial seizure Template:Filepath
Compulsive hoarding Template:Filepath
Concealed conduction Template:Filepath
Condensing osteitis Template:Filepath
Congenital insensitivity to pain Template:Filepath
Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis Template:Filepath
Constrictive pericarditis Template:Filepath
Continuous murmur Template:Filepath
Coprolalia Template:Filepath
Cor Pulmonale Template:Filepath
Cramp Template:Filepath
Creatine Kinase Template:Filepath
Crepitus Template:Filepath
Cryoglobulinemia Template:Filepath
Crystalluria Template:Filepath
Cubitus valgus Template:Filepath
Cullen's sign Template:Filepath
Cyanosis Template:Filepath
Cylindruria Template:Filepath
Cystitis Template:Filepath
Dacryoadenitis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Abdominal Pain with Rebound Tenderness Template:Filepath
Ddx:Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Template:Filepath
Ddx:Achalasia Template:Filepath
Ddx:Acid Phosphatase Template:Filepath
Ddx:Acidosis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Anosmia Template:Filepath
Ddx:Arthritis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Atrioventricular Block Template:Filepath
Ddx:Bacterial Endocarditis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Template:Filepath
Ddx:Cholecystitis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Cholestasis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Chorea Template:Filepath
Ddx:Chronic Renal Failure Template:Filepath
Ddx:Cirrhosis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Coronary Artery Disease Template:Filepath
Ddx:Delirium Template:Filepath
Ddx:Diabetes Insipidus Template:Filepath
Ddx:Diarrhea Template:Filepath
Ddx:Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation Template:Filepath
Ddx:Dysphagia Template:Filepath
Ddx:Epistaxis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Esophagitis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Gastritis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Gastrointestinal Bleeding Template:Filepath
Ddx:Hemoptysis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Hemorrhoids Template:Filepath
Ddx:Horner's Syndrome Template:Filepath
Ddx:Hypercalcemia Template:Filepath
Ddx:Hypercholesterolemia Template:Filepath
Ddx:Hyperglycemia Template:Filepath
Ddx:Hypoglycemia Template:Filepath
Ddx:Hypotension Template:Filepath
Ddx:Hypothermia Template:Filepath
Ddx:Hypovolemia Template:Filepath
Ddx:Ileus Template:Filepath
Ddx:Impotence Template:Filepath
Ddx:Lactic Acidosis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Leukocytosis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Meningitis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Mitral Regurgitation Template:Filepath
Ddx:Mitral Stenosis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Mitral Valve Prolapse Template:Filepath
Ddx:Myocarditis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Nephrolithiasis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Obstructive Lung Disease Template:Filepath
Ddx:Osteomalacia Template:Filepath
Ddx:Pancytopenia Template:Filepath
Ddx:Paraneoplastic Syndromes Template:Filepath
Ddx:Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Template:Filepath
Ddx:Pericarditis Template:Filepath
Ddx:Peripheral Neuropathy Template:Filepath
Ddx:Pneumothorax Template:Filepath
DeQuervain's syndrome Template:Filepath
Decorticate posture Template:Filepath
Decreased Bowel Sounds Template:Filepath
Decreased Breath Sounds Template:Filepath
Deep sulcus sign Template:Filepath
Degenerative disc disease Template:Filepath
Delayed Gastric Emptying Template:Filepath
Delayed onset muscle soreness Template:Filepath
Delirium Template:Filepath
Delta-Aminolevulinic Acid Template:Filepath
Delusions Template:Filepath
Dermatitis Template:Filepath
Dermatological lesions Template:Filepath
Dermatomyositis Template:Filepath
Deviated gaze Template:Filepath
Diaphoresis Template:Filepath
Diaphragmatic Dysfunction Template:Filepath
Diaphragmatic Elevation Template:Filepath
Diarrhea Template:Filepath
Dientamoebiasis Template:Filepath
Diffuse Pain Template:Filepath
Diplopia Template:Filepath
Directed attention fatigue Template:Filepath
Disordered eating Template:Filepath
Displaced PMI Template:Filepath
Diverticulitis Template:Filepath
Diverticulosis Template:Filepath
Dizziness Template:Filepath
Double Stranded DNA Antibody Template:Filepath
Drooling Template:Filepath
Drop attack Template:Filepath
Dysdiadochokinesia Template:Filepath
Dysesthesia Template:Filepath
Dysmetria Template:Filepath
Dysopia Template:Filepath
Dyspepsia Template:Filepath
Dysphagia Template:Filepath
Dysuria Template:Filepath
Elastase in Blood Serum Template:Filepath
Elbow Pain Template:Filepath
Encephalitis Template:Filepath
Endocarditis Template:Filepath
Enteritis Template:Filepath
Eosinophilia Template:Filepath
Eosinophilic fasciitis Template:Filepath
Eosinophiluria Template:Filepath
Epididymitis Template:Filepath
Epistaxis Template:Filepath
Erythema Template:Filepath
Erythema chronicum migrans Template:Filepath
Erythrocyte Morphology Template:Filepath
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate Template:Filepath
Esophagitis Template:Filepath
Euthymia (medicine) Template:Filepath
Exercise intolerance Template:Filepath
Exophthalmos Template:Filepath
Eye Discharge Template:Filepath
Eye circles Template:Filepath
Facial Nerve Paralysis & Bell's Palsy Template:Filepath
Facial Pain Template:Filepath
Faget sign Template:Filepath
Fainting Template:Filepath
Fasciculation Template:Filepath
Fasciitis Template:Filepath
Fatigue Template:Filepath
Fatigue (medical) Template:Filepath
Feces Color Template:Filepath
Feces Consistency Template:Filepath
Fetor hepaticus Template:Filepath
Fever of unknown origin Template:Filepath
Fibrin Degradation Products Template:Filepath
Fibrinogen Template:Filepath
Flaccid paralysis Template:Filepath
Flank pain Template:Filepath
Flash pulmonary edema Template:Filepath
Floater Template:Filepath
Flushing Template:Filepath
Focal neurologic signs Template:Filepath
Focal seizures Template:Filepath
Folic Acid Deficiency Template:Filepath
Football sign Template:Filepath
Formication Template:Filepath
Fremitus Template:Filepath
Froment's sign Template:Filepath
Frozen Shoulder Template:Filepath
Fulminant Hepatic Failure Template:Filepath
Gaenslen's test Template:Filepath
Gait Abnormalities Template:Filepath
Galactorrhea Template:Filepath
Gallops and Extra Heart Sounds Template:Filepath
Gallstone Template:Filepath
Gamma-Glutamyl Transpeptidase Template:Filepath
Gastric Anacidity Template:Filepath
Gastritis Template:Filepath
Gastroenteritis Template:Filepath
Gelastic seizure Template:Filepath
Genital Skin Lesions Template:Filepath
Genu varum Template:Filepath
Gingivitis Template:Filepath
Globus pharyngis Template:Filepath
Glomerulonephritis Template:Filepath
Glossitis Template:Filepath
Glossodynia Template:Filepath
Glucosuria Template:Filepath
Glénard's disease Template:Filepath
Goiter Template:Filepath
Golfer's vasculitis Template:Filepath
Goodell's sign Template:Filepath
Gorlin sign Template:Filepath
Gout Template:Filepath
Grey-Turner's sign Template:Filepath
Growing pains Template:Filepath
Haemolacria Template:Filepath
Hairy leukoplakia Template:Filepath
Halitosis Template:Filepath
Halo sign Template:Filepath
Hampton hump Template:Filepath
Hand Contracture Template:Filepath
Hand and Foot Rashes Template:Filepath
Hearing Loss Template:Filepath
Heartburn Template:Filepath
Heberden's node Template:Filepath
Hegar's sign Template:Filepath
Hemarthrosis Template:Filepath
Hematemesis Template:Filepath
Hematochezia Template:Filepath
Hematuria Template:Filepath
Hemicrania continua Template:Filepath
Hemiparesis and Hemiplegia Template:Filepath
Hemiplegia Template:Filepath
Hemopexin Template:Filepath
Hemoptysis Template:Filepath
Hemorrhagic Diathesis Template:Filepath
Hepatic Cysts Template:Filepath
Hepatitis Template:Filepath
Hepatojugular reflux Template:Filepath
Hepatomegaly Template:Filepath
Hepatosplenomegaly Template:Filepath
Herxheimer reaction Template:Filepath
Heterochromia Template:Filepath
Heterophoria Template:Filepath
Hiccup Template:Filepath
Hidradenitis suppurativa Template:Filepath
Hippocratic face Template:Filepath
Hirschberg test Template:Filepath
Hoarseness Template:Filepath
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Template:Filepath
Hutchinson's teeth Template:Filepath
Hydropenia Template:Filepath
Hyperalgesia Template:Filepath
Hyperesthesia Template:Filepath
Hypermobility Template:Filepath
Hyperpathia Template:Filepath
Hyperpigmentation Template:Filepath
Hyperreflexia Template:Filepath
Hypersensitivity vasculitis Template:Filepath
Hypertrophic Gums Template:Filepath
Hypertrophy of the Heart Template:Filepath
Hyperventilation Template:Filepath
Hypesthesia Template:Filepath
Hypocalcemia Template:Filepath
Hypoesthesia Template:Filepath
Hypogonadism Template:Filepath
Hypokinesia Template:Filepath
Hypomelanosis Template:Filepath
Hyporeflexia Template:Filepath
Hypotonia Template:Filepath
Hypoventilation Template:Filepath
Ileitis Template:Filepath
Impaired Wound Healing Template:Filepath
Inappetence Template:Filepath
Incontinence Template:Filepath
Increased Bowel Sounds Template:Filepath
Increased Intracranial Pressure Template:Filepath
Increased Libido Template:Filepath
Indigestion Template:Filepath
Inferior vena cava syndrome Template:Filepath
Inflammation Template:Filepath
Inguinodynia Template:Filepath
Inner Bone Pain Template:Filepath
Intermittent claudication Template:Filepath
Internuclear ophthalmoplegia Template:Filepath
Intracranial Bleeding Template:Filepath
Intracranial Calcification Template:Filepath
Intracranial pressure Template:Filepath
Intraocular Pressure Template:Filepath
Intraocular hemorrhage Template:Filepath
Intrauterine Growth Retardation Template:Filepath
Intrusive thoughts Template:Filepath
Iritis Template:Filepath
Irregular Heart Rhythms Template:Filepath
Irritable hip Template:Filepath
Ischemia Template:Filepath
Itch Template:Filepath
Jacksonian seizure Template:Filepath
Janeway Lesions Template:Filepath
Jaw Pain/Swelling Template:Filepath
Jesuit's bark Template:Filepath
Joint Hypermobility Template:Filepath
Jugular Venous Distention Template:Filepath
Jugular venous pressure Template:Filepath -
Karnofsky Performance Scale Template:Filepath
Keratitis Template:Filepath
Keratoconjunctivitis Template:Filepath
Kerley lines Template:Filepath
Knee Pain/Swelling Template:Filepath
Koilocyte Template:Filepath
Koilocytosis Template:Filepath
LDL Cholesterol Template:Filepath
Labyrinthitis Template:Filepath
Lactate in the Liquor Template:Filepath
Laryngitis Template:Filepath
Left flank pain Template:Filepath Mugilan Poongkunran
Left lower quadrant pain Template:Filepath Mugilan Poongkunran
Left upper quadrant pain Template:Filepath Mugilan Poongkunran
Leg Cramps Template:Filepath
Leg Length Discrepancy Template:Filepath
Leg Ulcer Template:Filepath
Leukocyte Alkaline Phosphatase Template:Filepath Vendhan Ramanujam Reviewed
Leukocyturia Template:Filepath
Lightheadedness Template:Filepath
Lightheadedness and Vertigo Template:Filepath
Linea nigra Template:Filepath
Lipoprotein (a) Template:Filepath
Liver Diseases Template:Filepath
Localized Lymph Node Enlargement Template:Filepath
Loss of appetite Template:Filepath
Low Back Pain/Swelling Template:Filepath
Low back pain Template:Filepath
Low-grade fever Template:Filepath
Lower Quadrant Abdominal Pain Template:Filepath
Lucid interval Template:Filepath
Lung Disease Template:Filepath
Lupoid hepatitis Template:Filepath
Lymph Node Metastases Template:Filepath
Lymphadenopathy Template:Filepath
Lymphocytic colitis Template:Filepath
Lymphocytopenia Template:Filepath
Lymphocytosis Template:Filepath
Macular edema Template:Filepath
Magnetism (neurological sign) Template:Filepath
Malassimilation Template:Filepath
Male pseudohermaphroditism Template:Filepath
Malignant hyperpyrexia Template:Filepath
Manning Criteria Template:Filepath
Mastitis Template:Filepath
Mastodynia Template:Filepath
Mastoiditis Template:Filepath
Mediastinal Mass Template:Filepath
Medically unexplained physical symptoms Template:Filepath
Melasma suprarenale Template:Filepath
Melena Template:Filepath
Membranous glomerulonephritis Template:Filepath
Meningism Template:Filepath
Meningismus Template:Filepath
Meningitis Template:Filepath
Mental Disorders Template:Filepath
Mental Retardation Template:Filepath
Mesenteric Ischemia Template:Filepath
Metabolic Encephalopathy Template:Filepath
Metatarsalgia Template:Filepath
Microcalcification Template:Filepath
Microscopic hematuria Template:Filepath
Microstomia Template:Filepath
Migraine Template:Filepath
Milia Template:Filepath
Miosis Template:Filepath
Monoarthritis Template:Filepath
Mood congruence Template:Filepath
Moon face Template:Filepath
Mucopurulent discharge Template:Filepath
Mucosa Hemorrhage Template:Filepath
Mucositis Template:Filepath
Murmurs Template:Filepath
Muscle atrophy Template:Filepath
Muscular Atrophy of the Hand Template:Filepath
Myalgia Template:Filepath
Mydriasis Template:Filepath
Myerson's sign Template:Filepath
Myocarditis Template:Filepath
Myoclonus Template:Filepath
Myofascial pain syndrome Template:Filepath
Myoglobin Template:Filepath
Myokmia Template:Filepath
Nail Changes Template:Filepath
Nail Disorders Template:Filepath
Nasal Congestion Template:Filepath
Nasal congestion Template:Filepath
Neck Masses Template:Filepath
Neck Stiffness/Pain Template:Filepath
Necrolytic migratory erythema Template:Filepath
Neoplastic meningitis Template:Filepath
Nephritis Template:Filepath
Neuralgia Template:Filepath
Neurofibrillary tangle Template:Filepath
Neurogenic inflammation Template:Filepath
Night Blindness Template:Filepath
Night Sweats Template:Filepath
Nipple discharge Template:Filepath
Nocturia Template:Filepath
Nodular Lesions Template:Filepath
Obdormition Template:Filepath
Obturator sign Template:Filepath
Occult Blood Template:Filepath
Oculogyric crisis Template:Filepath
Odynophagia Template:Filepath
Oligoarthritis Template:Filepath
Oliguria Template:Filepath
Oliver's sign Template:Filepath
Omphalitis Template:Filepath
Oophoritis Template:Filepath
Ophthalmoparesis Template:Filepath
Opioid-induced hyperalgesia Template:Filepath
Opthalmoplegia Template:Filepath
Optic Neuropathy Template:Filepath
Oral Lesions Template:Filepath
Orchialgia Template:Filepath
Orchitis Template:Filepath
Organomegaly Template:Filepath
Orthopnea Template:Filepath
Orthopnoea Template:Filepath
Oscillopsia Template:Filepath
Osler Nodes Template:Filepath
Osler's sign Template:Filepath
Osteitis fibrosa cystica Template:Filepath
Osteoarthritis Template:Filepath
Osteochondritis Template:Filepath
Osteolysis Template:Filepath
Otitis externa Template:Filepath
Otitis interna Template:Filepath
Otitis media Template:Filepath
Otorrhea Template:Filepath
Overeating Template:Filepath
Pain asymbolia Template:Filepath
Palindromic rheumatism Template:Filepath
Pallor Template:Filepath
Palmar erythema Template:Filepath
Palpitation Template:Filepath
Palpitations Template:Filepath
Pancreatic Insufficiency Template:Filepath
Pancreatic Polypeptide Template:Filepath
Pancreatitis Template:Filepath
Papilledema Template:Filepath
Papulosquamous Lesions Template:Filepath
Paradoxical Pulse Template:Filepath
Parageusia Template:Filepath
Paralysis Template:Filepath
Parathyroid Hormone Template:Filepath
Paresthesia Template:Filepath
Paresthesias Template:Filepath
Parinaud's syndrome Template:Filepath
Paronychia Template:Filepath
Parosmia Template:Filepath
Paroxysmal Cold Hemoglobinuria Template:Filepath
Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea Template:Filepath
Parrot's Sign Template:Filepath
Partial Thromboplastin Time Template:Filepath
Partial thromboplastin time Template:Filepath
Partoid Gland Enlargement Template:Filepath
Pelvic Masses Template:Filepath
Pelvic Pain Template:Filepath
Pelvic myoneuropathy Template:Filepath
Pemberton's sign Template:Filepath
Penile Discharge Template:Filepath
Peptic ulcer Template:Filepath
Percussion of the Lungs Template:Filepath
Pericardial Effusion Template:Filepath
Pericardial Rubs Template:Filepath
Pericardial friction rub Template:Filepath
Periorbital Edema Template:Filepath
Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease Template:Filepath
Peritonitis Template:Filepath
Perseveration Template:Filepath
Petechia Template:Filepath
Phantom pain Template:Filepath
Pharyngitis Template:Filepath
Phlebitis Template:Filepath
Phlegmon Template:Filepath
Photopsia Template:Filepath
Pigmented Lesions Template:Filepath
Piskacek's sign Template:Filepath
Plantar fasciitis Template:Filepath
Plasma osmolality Template:Filepath
Plasminogen Template:Filepath
Pleural Effusion Template:Filepath
Pleural Rubs Template:Filepath
Pleural effusion Template:Filepath
Pleurisy Template:Filepath
Pneumatosis intestinalis Template:Filepath
Pneumomediastinum Template:Filepath
Pollakisuria Template:Filepath
Polyarthritis Template:Filepath
Polydipsia Template:Filepath
Polymenorrhea Template:Filepath
Polymyositis Template:Filepath
Polyuria Template:Filepath
Post viral cough Template:Filepath -
Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome Template:Filepath
Postherpetic neuralgia Template:Filepath
Postoperative fever Template:Filepath
Postpartum Hemorrhage Template:Filepath
Postpartum Infections Template:Filepath
Proteinuria Template:Filepath
Precocious Puberty Template:Filepath
Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis Template:Filepath
Primary sclerosing cholangitis Template:Filepath -
Proctitis Template:Filepath
Proptosis/Exophthalmos Template:Filepath -
Prostatitis Template:Filepath
Protein-Losing Enteropathy Template:Filepath
Proteinuria Template:Filepath
Pruritis Template:Filepath
Pruritus ani Template:Filepath
Pseudoathetosis Template:Filepath
Pseudodiarrhea Template:Filepath
Psoas sign Template:Filepath
Psoriatic arthritis Template:Filepath
Psychalgia Template:Filepath
Psychogenic polydipsia Template:Filepath
Psychomotor retardation Template:Filepath
Pubertal Delay Template:Filepath
Puddle sign Template:Filepath
Pulmonary Nodule Template:Filepath
Pulmonary edema Template:Filepath
Pulpitis Template:Filepath
Pulse Pressure Template:Filepath
Pulse pressure Template:Filepath
Pulsus bisferiens Template:Filepath
Pulsus paradoxus Template:Filepath
Pulsus parvus et tardus Template:Filepath
Pulsus tardus et parvus Template:Filepath
Pungency Template:Filepath
Pupillary Constriction Template:Filepath
Pupillary Dilation Template:Filepath
Purpura Template:Filepath
Pyelonephritis Template:Filepath
Pylephlebitis Template:Filepath
Pyuria Template:Filepath
Radial neuropathy Template:Filepath
Rales Template:Filepath
Rash with Fever Template:Filepath
Raynaud's Phenomenon Template:Filepath
Reactive arthritis Template:Filepath
Rebound headache Template:Filepath
Rebound tenderness Template:Filepath
Rectal Masses Template:Filepath
Rectal Pain Template:Filepath
Red Palms Template:Filepath
Red wine headache Template:Filepath
Reentry Supraventricular Tachycardias Template:Filepath
Referred pain Template:Filepath
Renal Cysts Template:Filepath
Renal colic Template:Filepath
Respiratory Displacement, Reduced Template:Filepath
Respiratory Sounds Template:Filepath
Respiratory rate Template:Filepath
Restless Legs Template:Filepath
Retching Template:Filepath
Reticulocytes Template:Filepath
Rheumatoid Factor Template:Filepath
Rhinitis Template:Filepath
Rhinorrhea Template:Filepath
Rhonchi Template:Filepath
Right Bundle-Branch Block Template:Filepath
Rigler's sign Template:Filepath
Rigor (medicine) Template:Filepath
Rigors Template:Filepath
Romana's sign Template:Filepath
Rovsing's sign Template:Filepath
Salivary Gland Enlargement Template:Filepath
Salivary Gland Tumor Template:Filepath
Scalp Rash Template:Filepath
Schizophasia Template:Filepath
Scrotal Masses Template:Filepath
Scrotal Swelling Template:Filepath
Self-hatred Template:Filepath
Sensory ataxia Template:Filepath
Septic arthritis Template:Filepath
Seronegative spondarthritis Template:Filepath
Shallow breathing Template:Filepath
Shifting dullness Template:Filepath
Shoulder Pain Template:Filepath
Shoulder arthritis Template:Filepath
Sicca Syndrome Template:Filepath
Side stitch Template:Filepath
Simmonds' test Template:Filepath
Single Strand DNA Antibody Template:Filepath
Sinoatrial Block Template:Filepath
Sinus Bradycardia, Bradyarrhythmia Template:Filepath
Sinus Tachycardia Template:Filepath
Sinusitis Template:Filepath
Sister Mary Joseph nodule Template:Filepath
Skin Crepitation Template:Filepath
Skin Pigmentation (Decreased) Template:Filepath
Sleep apnea Template:Filepath
Sleep hyperhidrosis Template:Filepath
Smooth Muscle Antibody Template:Filepath
Snoring Template:Filepath
Sore Throat Template:Filepath
Spasm Template:Filepath
Splenomegaly Template:Filepath
Sputum Template:Filepath
Steatohepatitis Template:Filepath
Steatorrhea Template:Filepath
Steeple sign Template:Filepath
Stenosing tenosynovitis Template:Filepath
Still's disease Template:Filepath
Stomatitis Template:Filepath
Straight leg raise Template:Filepath
Strangury Template:Filepath
Striae Template:Filepath
Striae Distensae Template:Filepath
Stridor Template:Filepath
Stupor Template:Filepath
Subacromial bursitis Template:Filepath
Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis Template:Filepath
Sulcus sign Template:Filepath
Superior Vena Cava Syndrome Template:Filepath
Superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis Template:Filepath
Supraventricular Tachycardias Template:Filepath
Suspension trauma Template:Filepath
Swimmer's itch Template:Filepath
Swinging-flashlight test Template:Filepath
Swollen Face Template:Filepath
Syncope Template:Filepath
Tabes dorsalis Template:Filepath
Tachycardia Template:Filepath
Tachycardic Cardiac Dysrhythmias Template:Filepath
Tachypnea Template:Filepath
Tactile Fremitus Template:Filepath
Tardive dyskinesia Template:Filepath
Tendinosis Template:Filepath
Tennis elbow Template:Filepath
Terminal burrowing Template:Filepath
Testicular Pain Template:Filepath
Tetanic contraction Template:Filepath
Tetany (medical sign) Template:Filepath
Thought disorder Template:Filepath
Thrombophlebitis Template:Filepath
Thumbprint sign Template:Filepath
Thunderclap headache Template:Filepath
Toe Pain/Swelling Template:Filepath
Tongue Swelling Template:Filepath
Tonic-clonic seizure Template:Filepath
Tonsillitis Template:Filepath
Tooth Loss Template:Filepath
Tooth squeeze Template:Filepath
Toothache Template:Filepath
Torsades des Pointes Template:Filepath
Tourettism Template:Filepath
Toxic headache Template:Filepath
Toxic leukoencephalopathy Template:Filepath
Traveler's diarrhea Template:Filepath
Tremor Template:Filepath
Trigeminal neuralgia Template:Filepath
Trigger finger Template:Filepath
Trigonitis Template:Filepath
Twitching Template:Filepath
Ulcer Template:Filepath
Unequal Pulses Template:Filepath
Unterberger test Template:Filepath
Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome Template:Filepath
Upper back pain Template:Filepath
Urethritis Template:Filepath
Urinary Incontinence Template:Filepath
Urinary Stream (Decrease) Template:Filepath
Urinary retention Template:Filepath
Urinary urgency Template:Filepath
Urine Appearance/Color Template:Filepath
Urine Catecholamines Template:Filepath
Urine Osmolality Template:Filepath
Urine calcium Template:Filepath
Urine pH Template:Filepath
Uveitis Template:Filepath
Uveoparotitis Template:Filepath
VLDL Hyperlipidemia Template:Filepath
Vagal episode Template:Filepath
Vaginal Bleeding Template:Filepath
Vaginal Discharge Template:Filepath
Vaginal bleeding Template:Filepath
Vaginitis Template:Filepath
Vasculitis Template:Filepath
Vasogenic edema Template:Filepath
Vasomotor rhinitis Template:Filepath
Ventricular Fibrillation Template:Filepath
Ventricular tachycardia Template:Filepath Vendhan Ramanujam Reviewed
Vertigo Template:Filepath Hilda Mahmoudi M.D., M.P.H.[101], Vendhan Ramanujam M.B.B.S [102] Completed
Vesicular & Bollous Lesions Template:Filepath
Vesicular Breathing Template:Filepath
Virchow's node Template:Filepath
Vision Loss Template:Filepath
Visual acuity Template:Filepath
Vital Capacity Template:Filepath
Vitamin B1 Template:Filepath
Vitamin B12 Template:Filepath
Vitamin C deficiency Template:Filepath
Vocal Cord Paralysis Template:Filepath
Vocal Fremitus Template:Filepath
Volvulus Template:Filepath
Vulvar Pruritus Template:Filepath
Vulvitis Template:Filepath
Vulvodynia Template:Filepath
Waddell's signs Template:Filepath
Waist-hip ratio Template:Filepath
Warm Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia Template:Filepath
Water on knee Template:Filepath
Watson's water hammer pulse Template:Filepath
Waxy flexibility Template:Filepath
Webbed neck Template:Filepath
Weight Loss Template:Filepath
Weight loss Template:Filepath
Westermark sign Template:Filepath
Wheeze Template:Filepath
Wheezing Template:Filepath
White hand sign Template:Filepath
Wide Pulse Pressure Template:Filepath
Wrist & Hand Pain Template:Filepath
Xanthelasma Template:Filepath
Xanthoma Template:Filepath
Xanthomas Template:Filepath
Xerosis Template:Filepath
Xerostomia Template:Filepath
Yellow Sclera Template:Filepath

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