Steeple sign

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Steeple sign

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In radiology, the steeple sign is a sign on a frontal X-ray of tracheal narrowing and suggestive of the diagnosis of croup.[1]

X Ray

  • The steeple sign is seen on anteroposterior radiographs of the soft tissues of the neck.
    • Normal lateral convexities of the subglottic trachea are lost, and narrowing of the subglottic lumen produces an inverted V configuration in this area.
    • Point of the inverted V is at the level of the inferior margin of the true vocal cords.
    • Narrowing of the subglottic lumen alters the radiographic appearance of the tracheal air column, which resembles a steeply pitched roof or a church steeple.
  • The lateral radiograph of the upper airway will show a normal epiglottis and narrowing of the subglottic region.


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