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Sara Zand

Sara Zand, MD


Current Position

Associate editor in chief at

Professional Background

Professional Experiences

  • General physician at the emergency medicine department Kashan University of Medical Sciences Oct 23, 2005- Oct 22, 2007
  • Cardiovascular resident at internal diseases department Imam Khomeini Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences Services September 2009- September 2010
  • Specialized cardiovascular resident Tehran Heart Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences September 2010- September 2013
  • General cardiologist Valfajr, 100-beds Hospital of Tafresh, Arak University of Medical Sciences 26 Oct 2013- Nov 2015
  • General cardiologist, Modarres Hospital of Saveh, Nov 2015-Jan 2021
  • General cardiologist, Mehr General Hospital, Aug 2016- present
  • General cardiologist, Payambaran Hospital of Tehran, Feb 2021- present

Professional Membership

  • Medical Council, I.R. IRAN, Medical Council No. 105671, member since 2005
  • Iranian Society of Atherosclerosis, member since 2014


  • Permanent license to practice medicine Ministry of Health, Treatment& Medical Education, Iran 27 February 2008
  • Free Medical Activity in the City of Tehran as a general cardiologist Jan 2021


  • Zand S, Shafiee A, Boromand M, Jalali A, Nozari Y, Serum Uric Acid is not an independent risk factor for premature coronary artery disease. Cardiorenal Med, 2013 Dec;3(4):246-53 PMID:24474953
  • Asadi M, Javanbakht M, khajavian S, Zand S, Rapidly Progressive Myositis as the sole manifestation of a concurrent gastric carcinoma. BMJ case report, 2010 Nov, PMID:22791857

Conferences and scientific meetings

  • One-day scientific conference, ECG interpretation, Speaker, November 2019
  • One-day scientific conference, Management of acute STEMI, Speaker, December 2019
  • One-day scientific conference, Arrhythmia management, Speaker, February 2021

Pages Authored