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major histocompatibility complex (human), class I, A43
Alleles A*4301
Structure (See HLA-A)
Symbol(s) HLA-A
EBI-HLA A*4301
Locus chr.6 6p21.31

HLA-A43 (A43) is an HLA-A serotype. The serotype identifies the more common HLA-A*43 gene products. A43 is a split antigen type of the A10 broad antigen type. A*4301 is believed to have been formed by a single gene conversion between another HLA-A and the A*2601 allele.<ref name="pmid8475492">{{#invoke:Citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=journal }}</ref> A43 is more common in Africa. A*4301 is rare.


A26 serotype recognition of Some HLA A*4301 allele gene products<ref>derived from IMGT/HLA</ref>
A*43 --- A26 Sample
allele % % size (N)
4301 35 9

A43 frequencies[edit]

HLA A*4301 frequencies
ref. Population (%)
citation CitationClass=journal

}}</ref> || align="left" |South Africa Tswana||4.9

<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> South Africian Natal Zulu 3.0
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> China Yunnan Han 1.2
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Zambia Lusaka 1.2
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Pakistan Karachi Parsi 0.6
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> India North Delhi 0.5
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Zimbabwe Harare Shona 0.4
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Italy 0.01
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> China Shanghai 0.002




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