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major histocompatibility complex (human), class I, A34
Alleles A*3401
Structure (See HLA-A)
3401 3402
Symbol(s) HLA-A
EBI-HLA A*3401
EBI-HLA A*3402
Shared data
Locus chr.6 6p21.31

HLA-A34 (A34) is an HLA-A serotype. A34 is a split antigen of the A10 broad antigen serotype. This serotype has related antigens A25 and A26<ref name="pmid8475492">{{#invoke:Citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=journal }}</ref> but A34 is most similar to A66.


A34 serotype recognition of Some HLA A*34 allele-group gene products<ref>derived from IMGT/HLA</ref>
A*34 A34 A10 Sample
allele % % size (N)
3401 67 5 269
3402 89 2 996

A34 allele frequencies[edit]


HLA A*3401 frequencies
ref. Population (%)
citation CitationClass=journal

}}</ref>|| align="left"|Kimberly (Indig. Austr.) ||68.1

<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Yuendumu (Indig. Austr.) 44.0
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Groote Eylandt (Indig. Austr.) 32.0
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Rabaul (New Britain, PNG) 30.2
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> West Schrader Ranges (PNG) 29.2
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Cape York Penin. (Indig. Austr.) 29.1
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Ami (Indig. Taiwan) 21.9
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Goroka (E. Highlands, PNG) 20.5
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> New Caledonia 15.5
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Madang (PNG) 13.6
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Ivatan (N. Islands, Phlippines) 13.0
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Wanigela (PNG) 12.7
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> American Samoa 10.0
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Wosera (PNG) 9.0
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Riau Malay (Singapore) 6.0
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Karimui Plateau (PNG) 4.8
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Puyuma (Indig. Taiwan) 4.0
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Javanese (Singapore) 3.0
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Spain Catalonia Girona 1.1
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Thai (Singapore) 1.0
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Paiwan (Indig. Taiwan) 1.0
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Taiwan Hakka 0.9
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Kenya 0.7
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Thailand 0.7
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> China South Han 0.5
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> India North Delhi 0.5
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Chinese (Hong Kong) 0.3
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Chinese (Singapore) 0.3
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Zimbabwe Harare Shona 0.2

A*3401 when found outside of africa is primarily found in the South Asia, Austronesia and the South/Central part of the West Pacific Rim (WPR). It appears to have made it to Eastern Taiwan's indigenous tribes (Ami, Yami) but not more north of this region. It has not been detected in any sampling of Japan. Over most of the East Pacific Rim region were it is found it is limited to 1 or 2 common haplotypes in strong linkage disequilibrium. This indicates its presence in the WPR region is the result of recent migrations.

The A*3401 migration from Africa is supported by its presence in East Africa and South Africa and by current models of human migration, this allele was likely represented in the first wave of immigrants. However in areas were mixtures of these alleles are commonly found, Persian Gulf region and India, A*3401 is relatively uncommon, scarce, or absent. The exception is Saudi Arabia, in which A34 is at 2.8% and amoung Israeli Jews at 8.8%. Some reports that both A*3401 and A*3402 are in the region, but questionable whether these are perpetually maintained allele frequencies are simply recent migrants.


HLA A*3402 frequencies
ref. Population (%)
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Natal Zulu (S. Africa) 5.5
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Guinea Bissau 5.4
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Bandiagara (Mali) 3.6
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Shona (Zimbabwe) 3.3
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Kenya 2.8
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Tunisia Tunis 2.8
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Uganda Kampala 2.8
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Cameroon Bamileke 2.6
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Senegal Niokholo Mandenka 2.2
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Morocco Nador Metalsa 2.1
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Zambia Lusaka 1.2
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Sudanese 1.0
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Israel Arab Druse 0.5
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> France South East 0.4
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Jordan Amman 0.3
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> England Lancaster 0.1
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Ireland Northern 0.1

A*3402 is more frequently found in the west, it is found in Iberia and along the mediterranean, but its frequency is low, the exception may be in the Levant, but it is unclear whether this is A*3401 or A*3402.

A34-B Haplotypes[edit]

A34 is in strong linkage disequilibrium in many areas of the world, but particularly SE Asia and Oceania. The most prominent of these haplotypes is A34-Cw11(1)-B56. This haplotype is found from Western Australia to Taiwan to New Zealand indicating a recent genetic linkage between these peoples.

Another frequently found haplotype is the A34-B61 (A*3401:Cw*04:B*B4002) haplotype. This haplotype has a similar distribution as A34-B56.

These haplotypes indicate that long range/oversees migrations were taking place in Austronesias (late paleolithic) prehistory.

HLA A34-Cw11-B56
ref. Population (%)
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Ami (Indig. Taiwan) 19.9
Highlanders (PNG) 10.6
Maori (New Zealand) 5.6
Indigenous Australia 4.1
<ref name = "pmid12753660"/> Puyuma (Indig. Taiwan) 4.0




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