Endocrinology status update

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Organ System Project
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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1] Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief: Sogand Goudarzi, MD [2]

Status Updates

Resident survival guide Progress
Completed 10
In progress 3
Remaining 1
Primary care chapter Progress
Completed 13
In progress 2
Remaining 2

Primary Care Topics


Primary care topics Primary care resident survival guides
Specialty Topic Author Status Resident Survival Guide Page Author Status
Endocrinology Diabetes Mellitus In progress
Endocrinology Hypocalcemia Manpreet Kaur Complete Hypocalcemia resident survival guide Ammu Complete
Endocrinology Thyroid nodule Mahshid Complete Thyroid nodule resident survival guide Mahshid Complete
Endocrinology Osteoporosis Eiman Complete Osteoporosis resident survival guide Eiman Complete
Endocrinology Hirsutism Aditya Complete Hirsutism resident survival guide Mojdeh Complete
Endocrinology Prolactinoma Anmol Complete Hyperprolactinoma resident survival guide Mydah Complete
Endocrinology Acromegaly Ahmed Complete Acromegaly resident survival guide Tayyaba Complete
Endocrinology Cushing's syndrome Ali Mirza In Progress Cushing's syndrome resident survival guide Mydah Complete
Endocrinology Hypothyroidism Mahshid Needs Minor Revision Hypothyroidism resident survival guide Ayeesha.K Complete
Endocrinology Adrenal insufficiency Ayeesh.K Reviewed Adrenal insufficiency resident survival guide Ayeesha.K In Progress
Endocrinology Gynecomastia Husnain Complete Gynecomastia resident survival guide Ifrah Complete
Endocrinology Hypogonadism Ahmed Complete Hypogonadism resident survival guide Ahmed Complete
Endocrinology Goiter Aravind Complete Goiter resident survival guide Fatemeh (Mina) Complete
Endocrinology Hyperthyroidism Mahshid In Progress Hyperthyroidism resident survival guide Pervaiz In progress
Endocrinology Short Stature Ayesha FJ In progress short stature resident survival guide Eman A
Endocrinology Diabetes Landing Page Tarek Complete
Endocrinology Diabetes mellitus type 1 Mahdi Complete
Endocrinology Diabetes mellitus type 2 Mahdi Complete
Endocrinology Diabetes insipidus Omodamola Needs Minor Revision
Endocrinology GDM MAhdi Complete

List of Chapters Requiring Content

Category Chapters that need content Assignment Status Scholar's name Coach name Completion Status Review status Reviewer name
Endocrinology Pheochromocytoma Assigned Ifrah Sogand In Progress
Metabolic syndrome X Assigned Mina Sogand In Progress
Gestentional Diabetes
Disbetes Insipidus Assigned Mina Krishna In Progress
GH deficiency
Primary hyperaldostronism
Diabetes mellitus I and II Assigned Mina / Anahita Kishna In Progress

In progress chapters

Category Chapters that need content Assignment Status Scholar's name Coach name Completion Status Review status Reviewer name
Endocrinology Metabolic syndrome X Assigned Fatemeh Dehghani Fiouzabadi Sogand In progress Sogand
DM Type I Assigned Mina Sogand In progress
Disbetes Insipidus Krishna In progress

Completed chapters

Title category Author Review Status
Diabetes Diabetes Landing Page Mahdi Tarek Completed
Diabetes Type I Vishal In Progress
Diabetes Type II Mehsi In progress
GDM Mahdi Completed
Diabetes insipidus Omodamola In progress
Pituitary disorders Pituitary disorders landing page Mehdi & Usama Y Comleted
Hypopituitarism Ahmed E./ Iqra Y completed
Sheehan Syndrome Iqra Y Completed
Hypogonadism Ahmed E. Y Completed
GH deficiency Medhat Y Completed
Prolactinoma Anmol Y Completed
Acromegaly Ahmed E Y Completed
Pituitary apoplexy Akshun Y Completed
Thyroid disorders Thyroid disorders landing page Mehdi & Usama Y Completed
Hyperthyroidism landing page Ahmed Y Y Completed
Graves Disease Y Completed
Toxic Multinodular goiter Team Y Completed
Goiter Aravind Y Completed
Toxic adenoma Aditya Y Completed
Struma ovarii Aravind Y Completed
Hypothyroidism landing page Mahshid Y completed
Primary hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism) Y Completed
Hashimoto thyroiditis Mohsin Y Completed
Congenital hypothyroidism/Cretinism Ahmed E Y Completed
Secondary hypothyroidism Y Completed
Thyroiditis Landing page Mohsin & Usama Y Completed
Hashimotos Thyroiditis Y Completed
Dequervian Thyroiditis Y Completed
Riedel's Thyroiditis Mohsin Y Completed
Silent Thyroiditis Y Completed
Postpartum Thyroiditis Y Completed
Thyroid nodule Mahshid Y Completed
Sick euthyroid syndrome Akshun Y Completed
Thyroid carcinoma landing page Mehdi Y Completed
Myxedama coma Aditya Y Completed
Postpartum thyroiditis Sunny Y Completed
Postpartum thyroid dysfunction L. Usama Y Completed
Adrenal disorders Adrenal disorders landing page Mehdi & Usama Y Completed
Adrenal insufficiency landing page Usama Y Completed
Adrenocortical carcinoma Medhat Y Completed
CAH L Mehrian Y Completed
21 hydroxylase def Mehrian Y Completed
11 hydroxylase def Mehrian Y Completed
17 hydroxylase def Mehrain Y Completed
Addisons disease Aditya Y Completed
Incidentiloma Medhat Y Completed
Pheochromocytoma Medhat Y Completed
P hyperaldosteronism(Conn's) Hassan Y Completed
Hypoaldosteronism Akhsun Y Completed
Cushing's syndrome/Pseudo-Cushing's syndrome Mohsin Y Completed
Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency Amandeep/iqra/husnain Y Completed
MEN MEN type I Y Completed
MEN type 2 Y Completed
Protein energy maln (Kwashiorkor, Marasmus) Damola Y Completed
Metabolism Metabolic syndrome Aditya Y Completed
Hypoglycemia Medhat Y Completed
Glucaganoma Medhat Y Comleted
Insulinoma (hyperinsulism, hyperinsulinemia) Amandeep Y Completed
DKA Hassan Y Completed
HONK/HHS Husnain Y Completed
Reproductive disorders Androgen insensitivity Aravind Y Completed
Gynecomastia Husnain Y Completed
Hirsutism Ahmed E/Rasam Y Completed
Polycystic Ovarian Disease Aditya Y Completed
Delayed puberty Eiman Y Completed
Parathyroid disorders Parathyroid disorders LP Usama/Anmol Y Completed
Hypoparathyroidism Anmol Y Completed
Pseudohypoparathyroidism Mazia Y Completed
Hyperparathyroidism Anmol Y Completed
Familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia Ajay Y Completed
Miscellanous Osteoporosis Eiman Y Completed
Zollinger-Ellison syndrome Aravind Y Completed
Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone Vindhya Y Completed
Autoimmune polyendocrine syndromes Akshun Y Completed
Amenorrhea Eiman Y Completed