ATC code L02

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A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

L Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents

L02A Hormones and related agents

L02AA Estrogens

L02AA01 Diethylstilbestrol
L02AA02 Polyestradiol phosphate
L02AA03 Ethinylestradiol
L02AA04 Fosfestrol

L02AB Progestogens

L02AB01 Megestrol
L02AB02 Medroxyprogesterone
L02AB03 Gestonorone

L02AE Gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogues

L02AE01 Buserelin
L02AE02 Leuprorelin
L02AE03 Goserelin
L02AE04 Triptorelin

L02AX Other hormones

L02B Hormone antagonists and related agents

L02BA Anti-estrogens

L02BA01 Tamoxifen
L02BA02 Toremifene
L02BA03 Fulvestrant

raloxifen (selective estrogen receptor modulator) acts on both way (agonist and antagonist)

L02BB Anti-androgens

L02BB01 Flutamide
L02BB02 Nilutamide
L02BB03 Bicalutamide

L02BG Enzyme inhibitors

L02BG01 Aminogluthetimide
L02BG02 Formestane
L02BG03 Anastrozole
L02BG04 Letrozole
L02BG05 Vorozole
L02BG06 Exemestane

L02BX Other hormone antagonists and related agents

L02BX01 Abarelix

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