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This page explains how to create a new page on WikiDoc with guidance's that you need to know. Pages may only be created by registered users. If you are not a registered user, you may register now.

How to Create a New WikiDoc Page

WikiDoc, the living textbook of medicine has the largest collection of information dedicated to medicine contributed by its editors from all around the world. So before creating an article it is essential for you to search and check whether a suitable page regarding your topic is preexisting or not in WikiDoc.

Searching WikiDoc

  1. In order to search a particular word or topic in WikiDoc, simply type the word or topic you are looking for in the search box found in the middle of the main page and press the Search button. This will take you either to the exact page if it existed or to a list of pages that contain the word anywhere inside them. Go through the pages that contain your word of search since all the relevant information regarding the topic might be sub categorized within another topic.
  2. You will also notice a Try Exact Match button next to the Search button. Try Exact Match is a much more restricted search listing only pages with the exact name you typed. If you know the exact name of the page you want, the Try Exact Match button allows you to go directly to the page without following links.

Please refer to the searching page to learn how to see the list of all pages in WikiDoc and the searching tips for quick and effective ways of searching a page.

Creating the New WikiDoc Page

If you do not find a suitable page regarding your topic then you should consider creating a new page. After familiarizing how to search, the following steps will guide you in creating your new page:

  1. If you clicked either Search or Try Exact Match buttons and in the event of you contributing to a topic (this would be a new page) that has not yet been added to WikiDoc, you will get the response: Create the page "Topic name" on this wiki!
  2. You should then click on the text which says "Topic name" to create a page with that name.
  3. This will bring you to the edit page for that topic.
  4. If you are adding a new disease, then please copy and paste the text from the page called Template to add a New Disease by clicking on this link: Template to add a New Disease. This allows all of the pages on WikiDoc to have a similar look and feel, and a table of contents will automatically be created for your page. The template comes programmed with this automatic Table of Contents function.
  5. To copy and paste the contents of the Template to add a New Disease page, click on the button labeled edit at the top
  6. Right click on your mouse and click on select all
  7. Right click on your mouse and click on copy
  8. Go back to the page you are creating where the edit page is already kept open or click on edit at the top to open it
  9. Right click on the mouse and paste the contents that you copied from the Template to add a New Disease page.
  10. Insert information pertaining to the various subtopics where ever appropriate.
  11. When you are finished, click on ‘Save Page’ just below the edit box.
  12. The pages added can then be 'watched' or 'monitored' and in the event that someone adds something to your page, you will be able to track this. Simply check the tab at the top of the page marked ‘watch’.

How to Create Special Pages

How to Create a User Page

Every user account on WikiDoc has an identity page called the user page. This page serves as a way to introduce individual users to the editing community. Unlike most pages that have standard convention, this page is the one place you can express your creativity. Click here to learn how to create a user page.

How to Create a WikiDoc Board Review Question

The goal of the Board Review Questions Project is to create a universally accessible free repository of Board Review Questions which are targeted at multiple educational levels. All questions must be original and cannot violate Wikidoc's strict policies regarding plagiarism. Liability related to copyright violations regarding board review questions rests with the person who prepared the question. Please notify WikiDoc in writing if you feel that there has been a copyright violation regarding a board review question. Board review questions are reviewed and discussed by the WikiDoc Scholars on Monday mornings at 10:30 AM Eastern time. Board review questions must be approved by the Editors-in-Chief prior to uploading them onto the WikiDoc site. Click here to learn how to create a board review question.

How to Create a Crowdiagnosis Page

The goal of the Crowdiagnosis Project (AKA Operation Zebra, ZebraMed, or Zebra Hunters) is to help those patients and doctors whose signs and symptoms have eluded diagnosis. For 8 years now, the WikiDoc team has been creating webpages that contain the largest repository of all the known causes of symptoms, signs and laboratory abnormalities. While WikiDoc's lists may initially be gathered by "artificial intelligence" (find every disease associated with a given symptom) to optimize sensitivity, these lists are then verified by "human intelligence" to optimize specificity. The process of researching, vetting and verifying each cause is hard, but is made easier by the crowdsourcing of numerous physicians from around the world. Click here to learn how to create a crowdiagnosis page.

How to Create a Critical Pathways Page

Critical pathways are multidisciplinary management tools based on evidence-based practice for a specific group of patients with a predictable clinical course, in which the different tasks (interventions) by the professionals involved in the patient care are defined, optimized and sequenced. The use of critical pathways in hospitals have been proven to improve the quality of care to patients, reduce the cost of care and reduce the length of hospital stay. WikiDoc is proud to engage in such a project.. WikiDoc is proud to engage in such a project. Click here to learn how to create a critical pathways page.

How to Create a Guidelines Page

The purpose of the guidelines project is to provide an in-depth summary of the latest science and management recommendations to improve the quality of healthcare. This project is intended for medical students, interns, residents, attending physicians, hospitalists, specialists, medical faculty, researchers, and allied health professionals to contribute expertise. It implements the evidence-based approach that healthcare providers learn about medical advances and new treatment guidelines. WikiDoc welcomes your involvement in contributing to this project. Click here to learn how to create a guidelines page.

How to Create a Microchaptered Page

On wikidoc, a chapter is a collection of smaller chapters called microchapters. For instance, the disease pericarditis is a chapter composed of multiple microchapters such as pericarditis overview, pericarditis pathophysiology, pericarditis treatment etc. Microchapters allow users to access the content they are looking for more efficiently when browsing wikidoc. It also maintains completeness and consistency of Wikidoc pages. Microchaptering on wikidoc is usually a part of our main mission of creating a new page for a disease. Click here to learn how to create a microchaptered page.

How to Create a Resident Survival Guide page

The resident survival guide project is a high quality collaborative effort between the Wikidoc editor, associate and assistant editors with prior expertise in medical education and training in various specialties. This project is designed in a simple but efficient way to address common medical conditions encountered by medical graduates in training such as interns, residents and house staff officers. Some of the goals for this project is to enhance the abilities of medical and surgical residents in various specialties to properly evaluate, diagnose and treat patients presenting acutely with common medical problems. It also implements the evidence based approach that healthcare professionals should follow when treating common public health conditions. Click here to learn how to create a resident survival guide page.

How to Create a Patient Information Page

Patient information page is a patient-oriented page generally addressing background, diagnosis, and treatment of their condition. Click here to learn how to create a patient information page.

Editing a Created Page

An editor will need different guidance while creating a new page like guidance to create references, to redirect, to create links etc. Click the editor's tool page for appropriate guidance's that can be used while creating a new page.

Editing an Existing Page

While searching and creating a new page pertinent to your topic, if you think that you can contribute with constructive edits regarding your topic discussed in other preexisting pages, feel free to improve the contents by editing using how to edit a page.

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