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Critical Pathways

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This section provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a critical pathways page. It starts by choosing a topic of interest from the resident survival guide page and simply following the instructions below. It is very easy, you can do it.

How to create critical pathways

Select a Topic

A topic of interest is selected from the resident survival guide page and a name is assigned next to it. Below is a picture of what a critical pathways page looks like. Click here to select a topic.

Topic Resident Survival Guide Page Critical Pathways Page Authorship
Abdominal pain Abdominal pain resident survival guide Abdominal pain critical pathways (Add name here)
Abnormal Liver function tests Abnormal Liver function tests resident survival guide Abnormal Liver function tests critical pathways
Acetaminophen overdose Acetaminophen overdose resident survival guide Acetaminophen overdose critical pathways
Acidosis Acidosis resident survival guide Acidosis critical pathways

Next Steps

  • Use the algorithm in the resident survival guide of the selected topic as reference. Click on the resident survival guide icon at the top right corner of the page to view the algorithm.
First branch point
Answer 1
Answer 2
Second branch point
Answer 3
Answer 4
Second branch point
  • Use the first branch point on the algorithm as a guide for constructing the first question.
  • Provide answers to the question. There could be two or more answers to this question.
  • Link provided answers to corresponding pages on WikiDoc. Click here to learn how to create links.
  • Give Definitions and Action Items for the first question.
  • Please add references to the definitions when necessary. Click here to learn how to add references.
  • Use the second branch point after each answer as a reference for the second question.
  • Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4.
  • After completing the critical pathways page, please add the critical pathways icon to the Main Page of the topic you worked on.

For example, if you are working on hyperkalemia critical pathways, you need to put a link to it on the hyperkalemia page through the critical pathways icon:

You type: [[File:Critical_pathways_.gif|88px|link=Hyperkalemia critical pathways]]

You get:

  • Click here to see an example.


The definition of the answers must be provided and referenced when possible. For example:

Metabolic acidosis is a state in which the blood pH is less than 7.35 due to increased production of H+ by the body or the inability of the body to form bicarbonate (HCO3-) in the kidney.

Anion gap = [Na+] - [Cl-] - [HCO3-]

Normal reference range for anion gap is between 8 and 16 meq/L.[1][2]

Action Items

  • This involves determining the next step to take in the patient management. For example: Should I check for respiratory compensation in the case of metabolic acidosis or not? Should I administer bicarbonate or not?


  1. Benjamin Abelow (1998). Understanding acid-base. Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins. ISBN 0-683-18272-2.
  2. Rector, Floyd C.; Brenner, Barry M. (2008). Brenner & Rector's the kidney. Saunders Elsevier. ISBN 1-4160-3105-7.


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==Critical Pathways==
| BGCOLOR=FLORALWHITE | {{Smallcaps|[[{{PAGENAME}} critical pathways|{{PAGENAME}} critical pathways]]}}

| BGCOLOR=FLORALWHITE STYLE="WIDTH:50%"| Critical Point 1 || BGCOLOR=MEDIUMAQUAMARINE STYLE="WIDTH:25%" | [[{{PAGENAME}} A critical pathways|A]] ||BGCOLOR=LIGHTGRAY STYLE="WIDTH:25%" | [[{{PAGENAMEE}} B critical pathways|B]]

| BGCOLOR=FLORALWHITE STYLE="WIDTH:50%" | Critical Point 2 || BGCOLOR=MEDIUMAQUAMARINE STYLE="WIDTH:25%" | [[{{PAGENAME}} A1 critical pathways|A1]] ||BGCOLOR=LIGHTGRAY STYLE="WIDTH:25%" | [[{{PAGENAMEE}} A2 critical pathways|A2]]


==Action Items==


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