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Resident Survival Guide
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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]; Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief: Mahmoud Sakr, M.D. [2]


This section provides step-by-step instructions for creating a Resident Survival Guide page.

How to Create A Resident Survival Guide Page

Create a new page

Creating a new page on wikidoc is simple and intuitive. Please refer to this page for detailed instructions. The Resident Survival Guide page should include the following headings:

  • Overview
  • Causes
    • Life Threatening Causes
    • Common Causes
  • Management
  • References

Follow the Template

  • The standard design of a resident survival guide page must be followed. Wikidoc has created a template to make sure all resident survival guide pages remain in their standard format. You can reach the template through navigation provided on this page for (template).

No Need for Microchapters Bar

  • As you design your algorithm, we opted not to keep the microchapters navigation bar on the right side, as this will give our editors free space to create a comprehensive algorithm without limiting the width of the page for editing.

Design an Algorithm

  • When you press edit, your will be directed to the editing page which contains the actual symbols that form the algorithm. Follow the design and structure on the algoirthm until you're able to manage the design you have in mind. Wikidoc will be happy to guide you during your training period.

Shown below is an algorithm summarizing the approach to [[disease name]].


To see more examples click here.

Add a Link on the Main Page

  • After creating the resident survival guide, make sure to add a link to it on the main page. For example, if you are working on hyperkalemia resident survival guide, you need to put a link to it on the hyperkalemia page.
  • The link is the following animated picture:

Example you type: [[File:Siren.gif|30px|link=Hyperkalemia resident survival guide]]

You get:

  • Click here to see an example.

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