How to create a user page

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What is a user page?

Every user account on WikiDoc has an identity page called the user page. This page serves as a way to introduce individual users to the editing community. Unlike most pages that have standard convention, this page is the one place you can express your creativity.

How do I find my user page?

Your user page can be accessed at the top right corner of every page.

Your user page will have to be created by you. It is your choice what information you would like displayed. You have the ability to delete any information you do not want shared with the editing community.

How can I personalize my user page?

There are lots of ways you can personalize your page!

  1. You can upload and add a picture of yourself.
  2. You can add your professional background.
  3. You can add your educational background.
  4. You can add a brief biography about yourself.

Below is a template for how to code a user page for all of these. If you copy the code below and paste it to your page, you can replace the information with your own.

What it looks like What you type

Your Name

Muhammad Haisum Maqsood, MD


Current Position

Research Fellow

Professional Background


Medical Degree (MD) from King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan

Brief Biography

==Your Name==
'''Muhammad Haisum Maqsood, MD'''[[Image:NameofYourPicture.jpg|right|frame|100px]]
Title on WikiDoc
<br />Contact:<br />
Email: []<br />

==Current Position==
* Your Role in WikiDoc (list chapters here)<br />

==Professional Background==

Medical Degree (MD) from King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan

==Brief Biography==

At the top right click on 'edit source' to input the template.