Echo in emergencies

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Normal Echocardiography

<Youtube v=7TWu0_Gklzo/>

Basics of Emergency Echocardiography

<Youtube v=VF_OGTSdSlo/>

Diastolis Collapse of Right Ventricle: Cardiac Tamponade

<Youtube v=dwJkJr00v5c/>

Cardiac Tamponade


Pericardial Effusion versus Pleural Effusion

<Youtube v=KoMBYodwXpY/>

Echo in Acute Anteroseptal MI

<Youtube v=xzKz9zqTdxo/>

Echo in Acute Inferior Posterior & Lateral MI

<Youtube v=MHaWwa0JNbw/>

AAA with Large Thrombus

<Youtube v=GL465OAWZLQ/>

TEE: Aortic Dissection

<Youtube v=bniPm6C7UwY/>

TEE: Large Pericardial Effusion

<Youtube v=TyyWnaNoyB0/>

TEE: Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

<Youtube v=D7zGIsbkDyY/>

Left Atrial Mass

<Youtube v=onPiacJXvG8/>

Intrauterine (Prenatal) Findings: Transposition of Great Arteries

<Youtube v=B4fL0xK9g5I/>

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