Pertussis cost-effectiveness of therapy

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Cost Effectiveness of Therapy

  • Given the morbidity of of Pertussis, the cost-effectiveness of treatment is substantial.
    • A retrospective assessment of medical costs of confirmed pertussis in 936 adults in Massachusetts during 1998 to 2000, and a prospective assessment of nonmedical costs in 203 adults during 2001 to 2003 indicated that the mean medical and nonmedical cost per case was $326 and $447, respectively, for a societal cost of $773.[1]
    • If the cost of antimicrobials to treat contacts and the cost of personal time were included, the societal cost could be as high as $1,952 per adult case.[1]

Cost Effectiveness of Vaccination

  • Cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses of adult Tdap vaccination have varied in their results. When discrepancies in the models were addressed, an adult Tdap vaccination program was cost-effective when incidence of pertussis exceeded 120 cases per 100,000 population, using a benchmark of $50,000 per quality-adjusted life year saved. [2]


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