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This section provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a calculator page. It starts by choosing a topic of interest from the topics and simply following the instructions below.

How to create calculators

Select a Topic

A topic of interest is selected from the list of the most popular risk scores and a name is assigned next to it. Click here to select a topic.

Before Creating a Page

Use the official name for the risk score or criteria from the index article.

If there is more than one score with the same name, create a landing page that has links to the corresponding pages.

For example, Wells score may refer to Wells score for DVT (original), Wells score for DVT (modified), Wells score for PE (original), or Wells score for PE (modified).

Create a Page

Use the template for the calculator page.

Create a Widget

Use the template for the calculator widget page. Replace the names, variables, and values accordingly.

Insert widget code into the page. {{#widget:Calculator_widget_template}}

Add Appropriate Category

Add all the following categories as well as related systems:




[[Category:Validated Calculator]] ==> If the calculator is externally validated by other groups

[[Category:Primary care]] ==> Whenever is applicable

[[Category:Emergency medicine]] ==> Whenever is applicable

[[Category:Surgery]] ==> Whenever is applicable


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