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Post cardiac transplantation, medical therapy with immunosuppressive drugs is essential to prevent both acute and chronic rejection. Immunosuppressive therapy is given in two phases- Induction therapy and Maintenance therapy. The drugs used include different combinations of drugs like IL-2 Receptor antagonists, Anti-thymocyte antibodies, calcineurin inhibitor, anti-metabolite, glucocorticoids, mammalian target of rapamycin [m-TOR] inhibitors, proliferation signal inhibitors and monoclonal Antibody OKT3.

Medical Therapy

  • Immunosuppressive medical therapy is recommended in patients after undergoing cardiac transplantation.
  • Pharmacologic medical therapies or Post-transplantation immunosuppressive therapy includes two stages-

Even though regimens vary from center to center and case to case, most regimens consist of 2-3 drugs, usually including- [2] [3]

Induction Therapy

Maintenance Therapy


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