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  • Microchapters or single pages will only be considered complete when all the requirements in the standard project checklist have been fulfiled.
  • To make sure the requirements in the standard project checklist are met, the scholar should:

● Search Google to identify all synonyms for the disease, and add the synonyms to the home page. (Click here to learn how to add synonyms)

● Check the list of topics and make sure that no other microchaptered page with a synonym to my topic has already been created.

● Create redirects to the disease page the scholar is working on (including all the synonyms I identified). (Click here to learn how to make redirects)

● Remove all abbreviations of the disease name from the microchapters content, add them to the Synonyms and Keywords, and make sure they redirect to the disease page.

● Add authors to pages with content and keep all existing authors who previously contributed to the page as first associate editor-in-chief co-authors.

● Organize all existing content, one sentence at a time, into the correct microchapters.

● Add content that was missing from WikiDoc but present on WikiPatient.

● Make sure that external websites (from which the information is being copied) including pages on government websites are not protected by copyright, and make sure that the information you want is available for public distribution , copying, and dissemination.

● Add relevant content (if applicable) from:

a) MedlinePlus (Patient Pages)

b) National Cancer Institute



e) Libre Pathology

f) National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases


h) CDC

i) SurgWiki

j) Ganfyd

k) Biomed Center/SpingerOpen

l) National Eye Institute


● Search Youtube for video(s) that may improve the reader's understanding of the disease pathophysiology, and fully watch the video(s) before embedding it on WikiDoc to make sure it does not contain commercial or personal infromation. (Click here to learn how to upload a video on WikiDoc)

● Create hyperlinks for medical terms that are not the page itself. (Click here to learn how create hyperlinks)

● Remove the category "needs content" or "needs overview" where needed.

● Remove "Please help WikiDoc by adding more content here. It's easy! Click here to learn about editing." from pages that have content.

● Add references section at the bottom of each page with the code "{{reflist|2}}".

● Create an overview section and add overview content based on the provided templates. (Click here to learn how to add overview content)

● Make sure to include the various classification systems, severity, and staging of the disease whenever available.

● Make sure to use lists with bullet points instead of text when adding content to the microchapters.

● Make sure to remove periods/full stops from the list.

● Make sure to only use sentences from the list of template statements to add content. (Click here to learn how to add content using the list of template statements)

When uploading a picture:

● Make sure to change the filename so that it conveys the content of the picture. For example, an x-ray image of an enlarged heart should be named "Cardiomegaly x-ray.jpg".