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Moises Romo

Moises Romo, MD


Current Position

WikiDoc Scholar, Director of Algorithm Based Topics

Professional Background

In 2017, Dr. Romo graduated from The Universidad de Guanajuato’s Medical School (in Mexico). His training and capacity building included clinical rotations in high-volume hospitals, where he acquired a wealth of hands-on experience and provided clinical and surgical care to +1000 patients. Outside of academia, he has engaged in many extracurricular medical congresses, research projects, and clinical rotations in areas of Neurology and Internal Medicine. His interest in teaching has led him to serve as a mentor in later generations of his school, participate in neuroanatomy classes and taught several lectures in the US and Mexico.


2017 - MD Degree, Department of Medicine and Nutrition, University of Guanajuato, Mexico.

Editorial work on WikiDoc

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Other contributions

  • Design and creation of the new homepage (07/16/2020)