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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]; Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief: Hamid Qazi, MD, BSc [2]


The gold standard for diagnosing temporal arteritis is biopsy, which involves removing of a small part of the vessel and examining it microscopically for giant cells infiltrating the tissue. Since the blood vessels are involved in a patchy pattern, there may be unaffected areas on the vessel and the biopsy might have been taken from these parts. So, a negative result does not definitely rule out the diagnosis. Findings diagnostic of temporal arteritis include skip lesions and normal intervening segments, intimal thickening, with prominent cellular infiltration, lymphocytes in the internal or external elastic lamina or adventitia, areas of necrosis may be present in the arterial wall, granulomas containing multinucleated histiocytic and foreign body giant cells, helper T-cell lymphocytes, plasma cells, and fibroblasts. Risks of temporal artery biopsy are temporary or permanent damage to the temporal branch of the facial nerve, infection, bleeding, hematoma, and dehiscence.

Diagnostic Study of Choice

Study of choice

  • The temporal artery biopsy should be performed when:
    • The patient presented with symptoms of temporal headache above age 50 years,and visual problems.
  • Temporal arteritis is mainly diagnosed based on clinical presentation.
  • Investigations:
    • Among patients who present with clinical signs of temporal arteritis, the temporal artery biopsy is the most specific test for the diagnosis.[4]



Diagnostic results

The following result of temporal artery biopsy is confirmatory of temporal arteritis:

Diagnostic Criteria

  • There are no established criteria for the diagnosis of temporal arteritis.


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