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Review Progress of Primary Care Project

Scholar Number of chapters/pages Reviewed Name of Chapter
Sahar Memar 4 ‎Syncope, palpitation, heart murmur, alopecia
Fahimeh Shojaei 4 Vertigo, encephalitis resident survival guide, multiple sclerosis resident survival guide, Alzheimer's disease resident survival guide
Huda Karman 3 Infertility, burn, Urinary tract infection in kids
Sogand Goudarzi 2 Hyperthyroidism resident survival guide, adrenal insufficiency resident survival guide
Aditya Ganti 2 Global aphasia, heart transplantation
Sara Mohsin 1 Cyanosis in newborn
Krishna 1 Gender identity disorder
Ali Musadiq 1 Chronic diarrhea
Maneesha 1 Cough in children
Homa Najafi 1 Vomiting resident survival guide
Niloofar Eshaghhosseini 1 Cellulitis
Ahmed Elsayei 1 Halitosis
Farima Kahe 1 Prostate cancer
Rokouz Abu Akram 1 COPD