Combined injectable contraceptive

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Combined injectable contraceptive (CIC) monthly injection of progesterone and estradiol taken to inhibit fertility. Brand names include Cyclofem, Novafem, Mesigyna, Lunelle.


  • October 5, 2000, Pharmacia received FDA approval for Lunelle™ Monthly Contraceptive Injection.[1]
  • April 2003, Pharmacia acquired by Pfizer (makers of Depo-provera).
  • October 2003, Lunelle was discontinued in the U.S.

Use and packaging

Administered by intramuscular injection into the deltoid, gluteus maximus, or anterior thigh.[1] Ideally administered every 28 to 30 days, though demonstrated to be effective up to 33 days.[1]


The most prominent side effects are menstrual irregularities during the first 3 to 6 months of use.[1]


  • Lunelle contains medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) 25 mg plus estradiol cypionate (E2C) 5 mg.[1]
  • Cyclofem contains depomedroxy-progesterone acetate (DMPA) 25 mg and estradiol cypionate 5 mg.
  • Mesigyna contains norethisterone enanthate (NET EN) 50 mg and estradiol valerate 5 mg.
  • Deladroxate contains dihydroxy-progesterone acetophenide 150 mg and estradiol enanthate 10 mg.

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