Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate

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Calcium-alpha-ketoglutarate C5H4CaO5•H2O Is a mineral Calcium in a special form to help normalize concentrations of ordinary calcium in the body. Calcium-alpha-ketoglutarate eliminates excess Phosphate in the blood by binding to it and passed into waste. This helps re-establish the balance between calcium and phosphate in your body.

Health Benefits

Calcium-alpha-ketoglutarate has been shown to help patients with Hyperparathyroidism by reducing the elevated levels of the mineral phosphate and calcium in the blood. Phosphate and calcium levels are normally kept in balance by our bodies natural chemistry, but hyperparathyroidism disrupts this control mechanism.

Importance to Bodybuilders:

Importance of adding Calcium-alpha-ketoglutarate in supplements Bodybuilders consume is to help normalize the calcium levels in blood due to the high intake of proteins such as Micellar casein, Whey protein, and other Bodybuilding supplements that contain high amounts of calcium and phosphate. Hyperparathyroidism will cause muscle weakness, muscle loss, and other health issues that will keep a bodybuilder from developing adequate muscles to compete.

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