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A temporary loss of smell can be caused by a stuffy nose or infection. In contrast, a permanent loss of smell may be caused by death of olfactory receptor neurons in the nose, or by brain injury in which there is damage to the olfactory nerve or damage to brain areas that process smell (see olfactory system). The lack of the sense of smell at birth, usually due to genetic factors, is referred as congenital anosmia. Anosmia may very occasionally be an early sign of degenerative brain diseases such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.


Common Causes

Causes by Organ System

Cardiovascular No underlying causes
Chemical / poisoning Acrylates, Cadmium poisoning, Methacrylates
Dermatologic No underlying causes
Drug Side Effect No underlying causes
Ear Nose Throat Common cold, Ethmoid bone injuries, Nasal polyp, Samter's triad, Sinusitis, Stuffy nose, Swollen turbinate, Upper respiratory tract infection, Allergic and viral rhinitis
Endocrine Kallmann syndrome, Diabetes mellitus
Environmental Nasal spray, Smoking, Zinc deficiency
Gastroenterologic Cystic fibrosis
Genetic Anosmin-1 absence, Anosmin-1 damage, Bardet-Biedl syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, Genetic factors, Intersexuality, KAL1 gene deletion, KAL1 gene mutation, Kallmann syndrome, Male pseudohermaphroditism, Down's syndrome
Hematologic No underlying causes
Iatrogenic Permanent tracheostomy, Nasal spray
Infectious Disease Infection, Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis, Sinusitis, Upper respiratory tract infection, Herpes virus infection, Human immunodeficiency virus infection
Musculoskeletal / Ortho Paget's disease with facial, maxillomandibular involvement
Neurologic Alzheimer's disease, Brain injury, Degenerative brain diseases, Dementia with Lewy bodies, Esthesioneuroblastoma, Ethmoid bone injuries, Holoprosencephaly, Parkinson's disease, Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis, Huntington's chorea, Shy-Drager syndrome, Temporal lobectomy, Olfactory neuroblastoma and meningioma
Nutritional / Metabolic No underlying causes
Obstetric/Gynecologic No underlying causes
Oncologic No underlying causes
Opthalmologic No underlying causes
Overdose / Toxicity Toxins, Zinc gluconate
Psychiatric Korsakoff's psychosis, Schizophrenia
Pulmonary Cystic fibrosis, Samter's triad, Influenza
Renal / Electrolyte Hemodialysis
Rheum / Immune / Allergy Allergies, Samter's triad, Sjögren's syndrome
Sexual No underlying causes
Trauma Ethmoid bone injuries, Head trauma, Trauma
Urologic No underlying causes
Dental No underlying causes
Miscellaneous Old age

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