White ramus communicans

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White ramus communicans
Scheme showing structure of a typical spinal nerve. 1. Somatic efferent. 2. Somatic afferent. 3,4,5. Sympathetic efferent. 6,7. Sympathetic afferent.
Diagram of the course and branches of a typical intercostal nerve. (Rami communicantes labeled at center.)
Latin ramus communicans albus nervi spinalis
Gray's subject #208 920
Dorlands/Elsevier r_02/12689486

The thoracic, and the first and second lumbar nerves each contribute a branch, white ramus communicans to the adjoining sympathetic ganglion.

They contain myelinated preganglionic sympathetic fibers (GVE and GVA).

Unlike the gray variety, white rami communicantes do not extend below L3.[1]

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