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Wigs for Kids is a nonprofit organization started by Jeffrey Paul who creates wigs for children who have lost their hair either permanently or temporarily due to a medical condition. This organization accepts donations of hair and money. Volunteers run fund-raisers to offset wig costs.


Hair must be

  • Cut by anyone, then placed in a plastic bag or wrapped in plastic before sending.
  • A minimum of 12 inches of dry hair in a ponytail or braid.(curly hair can be pulled strait to measure)
  • Not be processed in any way, including perming.
  • --Gray hair is acceptable.


To apply for a wig, a child must

  • Be 18 years old or younger.
  • Have lost hair through chemotherapy, radiation treatments, alopecia areata, burns, or other medical circumstances.
  • Fill out a form and send it in.

Other Charities

Locks of Love accepts hair donations of untreated hair due to a medical condition. It has, however, come under criticism for selling about 80% of the hair the organization has received to offset the cost of wig manufacturing.[citation needed]

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