Vestibular fold

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Vestibular fold
Laryngoscopic view of the vocal folds. (Vestibular fold labeled at center right.)
Coronal section of larynx and upper part of trachea.
Latin plica vestibularis, plica ventricularis
Gray's subject #236 1079
Dorlands/Elsevier p_24/12649402

The vestibular fold (ventricular fold, superior or false vocal cord) is one of two thick folds of mucous membrane, each enclosing a narrow band of fibrous tissue, the ventricular ligament which is attached in front to the angle of the thyroid cartilage immediately below the attachment of the epiglottis, and behind to the antero-lateral surface of the arytenoid cartilage, a short distance above the vocal process.

The lower border of this ligament, enclosed in mucous membrane, forms a free crescentic margin, which constitutes the upper boundary of the ventricle of the larynx.

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