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Umar Ahmad

Umar Ahmad, M.D.

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Contact: 1(646)831-4353

Current Position

Professional Background

Umar Ahmad is a Research Fellow at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard University in Boston.


Doctor of Medicine, M.D., Surgery


  • Windsor University School of Medicine, St. Kitts-January 2018
  • UNPHU, Dominican Republic-December 2012
  • New Dorp High School, New York-June 2009


  • High nitric oxide-adapted breast cancer cell lines showed down-regulation in cell division cycle protein 27 (CDC27). November 2016.

Authors: Umar Ahmad, Juel Chowdhury, Mahsa Vahdatian, Narmatha Kennet, Hani Pharaon, Kamsika Uthayaseela, John Thomas and James A Radosevich

DOI number: 10.4172/2161-1025.C1.020

  • A New Syndrome: Phantogeusia-induced Phantosmia, CNS Spectrums (Journal), July 2017.

Authors: Umar Ahmad, Alan R Hirsch

  • Smelling and Tasting but not Smelling and Tasting: The Co-Occurrence of Subjective Hyposmia and Subjective Hypogeusia. July 2017.

Authors: Umar Ahmad, Alan R Hirsch

Brief Biography

Umar Ahmad is a graduating medical student from New York. He started his medical education by doing pre-med in the Dominican Republic in Spanish. From there he went to Medical school in the Caribbean. Since the start of medical school, he has volunteered and led many programs in which students were taught and underprivileged people in the communities were given the opportunity to healthcare and advice, some of whom have never seen a doctor throughout their whole lives. He devoted countless hours, while in school, to managing different free clinics set up around the island. He has done his rotations in Chicago alongside some of the best doctors in the US.

During his clinical years he has published Case Studies in the distinguished Cambridge journal CNS Spectrums and has done presentations at nationally prominent conferences such as Translational Medicine and Oncologists Meet and NEI Congress.

He is a hardworking student who is passionate about his future and is aiming to pursue a career in Surgery with a Cardiothoracic specialty. He likes to learn new languages, meet new people, spend time with his family, travel, play soccer, ping pong, and chess.

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