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Farbod Zahedi Tajrishi[edit | edit source]

Farbod Zahedi Tajrishi, MD

Associate Editor in Chief



Current Position[edit | edit source]

  • Currently remote contributor at the PERFUSE Study Group and Associate editor in Chief at
  • Clinical research associate at Tehran Heart Center and Babol University of Medical Sciences

Education[edit | edit source]

Babol University of Medical Sciences, Iran - MD. degree

Created WikidDoc Pages

1. Pathophysiology of Sjogren’s Syndrome:  

2. PVC-Induced Cardiomyopathy:

3. Thrombocytopenia:

Publications[edit | edit source]

Peer-reviewed publications

1. The relationship between the location of the nasogastric tube and ventilator-associated  Pneumonia in patients hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit --- Archives of Anesthesiology and Critical Care (Summer 2017); 3(3): 359-362

2. Comparison of oral bioavailability of acetaminophen tablets, capsules and effervescent dosage forms in healthy volunteers. M Fathi, S Kazemi, F Zahedi, MR Shiran, AA Moghadamnia; Current Issues in Pharmacy and Medical Sciences 31 (1), 5-9

3. Percutaneous Left Appendage Closure with the Watchman Device; The Challenges Lie Ahead: A Narrative Mini Review. MH Namazi, I Khaheshi, E Barkhordari, M Naderian, F Zahedi Tajrishi*; Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research 2018; 12 (5), OE09-OE13 

4. The role of air pollution on ST-elevation myocardial infarction: a narrative mini review. MA Shahrbaf, MP Mahjoob, I Khaheshi, MA Akbarzadeh, E Barkhordari, M Naderian & F Zahed Tajrishi; Future Cardiology;

5. Predictive factors of Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction improvement after radiofrequency catheter ablation in patients with pvc-induced cardiomyopathy- A systematic review ----registered at International prospective register of systematic reviews (PROSPERO), registration number: CRD42017078958 -------- protocol: finalized and submitted; review: in progress

6. Relationship of serum uric acid level with demographic features, risk factors, severity, prognosis, serum levels of vitamin D, calcium and magnesium, in stroke. P Saadat, A Ahmadi Ahangar, M Babaei, MA Biani, M Kalantar, H Barzegar, H Gholinia, F Zahedi Tajrishi, S Faraji, and F Frajzadeh; Stroke Research and Treatment 2018(8):1-8

DOI: 10.1155/2018/6580178

7. Evaluation of Correlation between Serum Levels of Vitamin D and Coronary Artery Disease: An Existing Debate.  M Safi, I Khaheshi, Sh Jafarzadeh, M Naderian,M Akbarzadeh, F Zahedi Tajrishi; Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research 2018.

DOI: 10.7860/JCDR/2018/35645.11846