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Primary task

This bot uses searches all the templates that have transcluded {{User UBM UBX to}} and then extracts the name of the original userbox and the name of the userfied version from the template. It then searches every userpage that has {{User UBM UBX to}} transcluded onto it for userboxes to replace and replaces them. It will replace standard userboxes, those contained in babel templates, and those contained in {{tl}}

Just to make this absolutely clear: This bot does not userfy userboxes, nor for a matter a fact do I. I made this bot for the sole purpose of keeping the userpages of people whose userboxes have been migrated from looking like crap. If my bot changes a link to a userbox and you disagree that it should have been userfied, please take it up with the person who userfied it in the first place by looking at the history of the userbox in question. As I do not often have the time to do more than merely glance through the list of replacements my bot is going to do, the alteration of a link to a userbox on your userpage is in no way an endorsement of its userfication on my part

Current secondary task

Adding fields relating to the Gini coefficient to the country infobox. For this task the bot retrieves the relevant information from the chart on List of countries by income equality and adds it to the infobox for every country that it has current information for and that doesn't already have the information filled in. It defines current information as anything since the year 2000. It fills in the Gini index, the year it was obtained, and the category (low, medium, or high and colored similarly to how the HDI category field is colored. This task is currently on its trial run. See the approval page for this task for more information.


It's written in Python and is based off of the Pywikipedia bot framework.


Approval and bot flag granted here.