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Ununennium (Template:PronEng), or eka-francium, is the temporary name of an undiscovered chemical element in the periodic table that has the temporary symbol Uue and has the atomic number 119[1], with a predicted significant atomic mass of 316[2]. Like other alkali metals, it would most likely be extremely reactive with water.

Element 119 would be the first element in the eighth period of the periodic table.[1]


The synthesis of element 119 was attempted in 1985 by bombarding a target of einsteinium-254 with calcium-48 ions at the superHILAC accelerator at Berkeley, California. No atoms were identified, leading to a limiting yield of 300 nb.[3]

no atoms

It is highly unlikely that this reaction will be useful given the extremely difficult task of making sufficient amounts of Es-254 to make a large enough target to increase the sensitivity of the experiment to the required level.


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