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Warning Warning this is a controversial topic. Do not make changes to the template before consensus is clear.
  • This template will add tagged articles to Category:Articles lacking sources (but see below).
  • This template is not useful for wikidoc:Subst.
  • There is currently no consensus about where to place this template; most suggest either the top of the article page, the bottom of the article page (in an empty 'References' section), or on the article's talk page.
  • There is currently no consensus about whether this template should be used with stubs. Certainly all articles, including stubs, should cite references, but opinions vary as to whether the stub tag is sufficient notification of the need to improve the article, or whether there is a need for more specific notification via this tag.


{{Unreferenced}} should be used only on articles that have no sources. The {{Refimprove}} template is appropriate for articles with some sources but not enough. Other templates, listed below, may be used when the sources are inadequate for other reasons.

This template also has one optional field, which permits the user to be specific in what needs to be cited. For instance, if the entire article needs to be cited, a user would enter {{unreferenced}}; should they wish to be more specific on which section of the article needs to be cited, then the user could enter {{unreferenced|article's section called "Childhood"}}.

Leaving the argument undefined is acceptable, as it will show the default text listed on this template page.

It can be helpful to include the date parameter for this template; order does not matter with respect to the above optional input. Both {{unreferenced|section called "Childhood"|date=February 2020}} and {{unreferenced|date=February 2020|section called "Childhood"}} will have the same result. Adding this parameter sorts the article into subcategories of Category:Articles lacking sources and out of the parent category, allowing the oldest problems to be identified and dealt with first. If the date parameter is omitted a bot will add it later.



See also

The following templates are useful in cases where there are some sources, but these are inadequate or insufficient

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