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Above is shown the template as it looks.

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Assuming you have your template at "Template:name", and you want to make a separate template documentation subpage that you will transclude in your template:

  • You create "Template:name/doc" with your documentation (the standardized subpage /doc is required because all doc-related templates use it as default), and you place at its top:
<includeonly>{{Template doc page transcluded}}</includeonly>
  • If you need to also transclude your "Template:name/doc" into other pages than "Template:name", you will need to provide the original base page name so that "edit" links can find their way back to it:
<includeonly>{{Template doc page transcluded|Template:name}}</includeonly>

Test cases

If subpages named /sandbox and /testcases exist, this template generates links to them. See Wikipedia:Template test cases for more detail.


Since there is some duplication with links provided by Template:template doc (talk, backlinks, edit), and not all users need the explanation provided, this template has id="template_doc_page_transcluded", so that with CSS one can specify not to display it.

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