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Template:Lorem ipsum

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Information icon.svg This template employs intricate features of template syntax.
You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with its setup and parser functions before editing the template. If your edit causes unexpected problems, please undo it quickly, as this template may appear on a large number of pages.
Remember that you can conduct experiments, and should test all improvements, in either the general Template sandbox or your user space before changing anything here.

{{quote}} adds a block quote to an article page.

This is easier to type and more wiki-like than the equivalent HTML <blockquote> tags, has additional pre-formatted attribution and source parameters, and contains a workaround for Bugzilla:6200, which means you don't need to type <p> tags manually.

Note: Block quotes do not normally contain quotation marks. See Formatting block quotes.


{{Quote|Phrase}} produces:


{{Quote|Phrase|Somebody}} produces:


— Somebody

{{Quote|Phrase|Somebody|''Source''}} produces:


— Somebody, Source


Code Result
{{Quote|{{lorem_ipsum}}|Some Latin Guy|''Italic Nonsense''}}

Template:Lorem ipsum

— Some Latin Guy, Italic Nonsense

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