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Do not use this template unless there is an ongoing dispute. For suspected POV issues which are not disputed, consider the {{POV-check}} template instead. See Wikipedia:NPOV dispute for more info.

Place {{POV}} at the top of the disputed article, then explain your reasons on the talk page of the disputed article. To specify the section of the talk page, use {{POV|talk page section name}} at the top of the disputed article.

This template can take an optional date parameter. For this, use {{POV|date = <month> <year>}} or {{POV|talk page section name|date = <month> <year>}}. This will additionality add the page to the Category:NPOV disputes from <month> <year>.

If the article introduction is not disputed, consider the {{POV-body}} template instead.

This template will categorise articles (except this template) into Category:NPOV disputes.

This template is a self-reference.

Template:Wikipedia:Resolving Disputes/Templates

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