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Template usage

  • use like
    • {{Listnews}} to display recent news (30 articles by default)
    • {{Listnews|articlecount=1}} to display most recent 1 news article.
    • {{Listnews|articlecount=50}} to display 50 recent news articles.
  • Note: default article display limit is set by Template:Newsarticle.dpl
  • Note: default number of articles is 30 articles

Template customization

example display (last recent news with defaults)

{{#dpl: category=Published |namespace=News |notcategory=Disputed |notcategory=Not_published |shownamespace=false |ordermethod=sortkey |order=descending |addauthor=false |reset=categories |addfirstcategorydate=true |userdateformat=Y-m-d (D) |mode=userformat |format = ,,, |noresultsheader=  |distinct=true |resultsheader= |includepage={newsarticle}.dpl,{newsarticle2}.dpl |secseparators = \n,\n |dominantsection=1 |count=10 }}