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{{{2}}} at Dorland's Medical Dictionary

This template allows consistent presentation for URLs that point to Dorland's medical dictionary. It is a replacement for Template:Dorlands, which stopped working in the Spring of 2008, when Dorland's reorganized their website. The old Dorland's organization put hundreds of dictionary entries on each web page, and used anchors to identify individual entries. The new organization created a new web page for each entry. Unfortunately, this reorganization broke every existing URL, and necessitated the creation of a new template. To use this template, first look up a term in Dorlands (such as this this). Note that the end of the URL is "dorlands/dorland/nine/000956983.htm" (emphasis added). In this case, you would take the "nine/000956983" and use it as the first parameter, and use "Simmonds disease" as the second parameter.