Tarsus (skeleton)

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Bones of the right foot. Dorsal surface.
Bones of the right foot. Plantar surface.

In tetrapods, the tarsi are the cluster of bones in the foot between the tibia and fibula and the metatarsus. The bones of the tarsus do not belong to individual toes, whereas those of the metatarsus do. The joint between the tibia and fibula and the tarsus is called the ankle.

In humans

The seven tarsal bones are:

In other animals

The tarsus is known as the hock in many domestic mammals. The tarus is also known as the Tarsal, and is part of the ankle joint. Most long-footed tetrapods have an elongated metatarsus. The tarsier instead has an elongated tarsus, hence the name.

In insects, the tarsi are the short segments which appear in series after the tibia. It is the part that functions as the foot.

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