Superior cluneal nerves

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Nerve: Superior cluneal nerves
Diagram of the segmental distribution of the cutaneous nerves of the right lower extremity. Posterior view. (Posterior division of lumbar visible in yellow at top center.)
Latin nervi clunium superiores
Innervates    buttocks
From posterior branches of the lumbar nerves
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The superior clunial nerves innervate the skin of the upper part of the buttocks. They are the terminal ends of the posterior rami of lumbar spinal nerves (L1, 2, 3).


Superior Cluneal Nerve Entrapment

The medial branch of the superior cluneal nerve passes over the iliac crest through a tunnel formed by the thoracolumbar fascia and the superior rim of the iliac crest. This branch of the superior cluneal nerve may become restricted in its osteofibrous tunnel against the iliac crest, just as osteofibrous tunnels affect other nerves, such as in carpal tunnel syndrome. Active release is a common treatment.

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