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Stomatology is an international training course in specialised medicine recognised in the European Union relating to the mouth and its diseases. It requires a minimum of 3 years' university training beyond the medical degree (MD), and it also generally forms part of a dental degree. The specialty is defined within Europe under the Medical Directive 2001/19/EC.


The study of stomatology includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1.1. At the sickness of parodentium:

a)extraction of a dental deposit of over gingival and sub gingival Manual


b) teaching of hygiene of the oral cavity

c) Hygiene control

d) medial treatment of gingival periodontal canal

e) Flap operation

f) application of medical – protective band

g) selective filing

h) temporary splinting

2. At the disease of mucous membrane.

2.1. Take material for oral cavity:

- Cytological analysis

- diorrological analysis

- bacterioscopic analysis

2.2. Application irrigation by medicinal agent has done:

- anaesthetization

- anti-infective agent anaesthetization

- enzyme anaesthetization

- by keratoplasty

2.3. Injections Done:

- by pharmaceutical composition

- blockades

- preventive/initial/teeth handling by anticarious agent

- cutter choice

2.3 Preparation of carious cavity of different appearance

- by Bleck

- for composite materials

- tooth stopping with amalgam

- composite material of chemical rejection and light rejection

- glass ionomers cement – 20 teeth and glass ionomers inset

- polish and burnish the stopping

- utilization of modern matrix and retainer during the stopping

- utilization of light reflector wedges during the polymnerization of composites

- gluing up by fissure hermetics

- utilization of temporary filing materials, insulating liners

- treatment of deep caries with utilization of modern liners

- sandwich – technics

- make insets direct method

- utilization of parapulpal nail for the renewal of the crown of tooth

- during the trauma and caries of 4 class by Bleck

2.4. Pulpitis treated by:

- pulp devitalization -

- preservation of viable pulp

- utilize the endodontic handpiece

- extract the coronal pulp and root pulp

- determine the (active) length of teeth canals

2.5. Root canals with

- antibacterial preparations

- chemical preparations

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