Sharko Shower

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The Charko douche (or Charko, or Scharko, Sharko, Skharko or Šarko shower) is a French-designed device widely used in the practice of medicine in the former Soviet Union.


It uses high pressure water from a shower~like device for an extra-strong massage of theskin over the parient's entire body. The device is applied from a distance of 3.0 - 3.5m (8.5 - 10 feet) away from the patient. It uses a pressure of 1.5-3 atmospheres and the water is at a temperature of 15o–20oC (60o - 68oF). The procedure can cause haematoma for few days, so the procedure should not be done during the suntan season.[citation needed]


In the past it was used on the victims of the KGB to assist them to re-gain their senses and on heavy drunkards to re-gain sobriety.[citation needed]

Nowadays it is used solely for medical purposes. For massage, nerve problems and detoxification etc - in balneology and sanatoria in many countries around the Baltic Sea and Russia. It gives a relaxing effect on nerves, improves sleep quality, activates blood-flow, activates limphodrainage and helps with osteochondrosis and body metabolism problems.OR