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The Sequential Organ Failure Assessment score, or just SOFA score, is used to track a patient's status during the stay in an intensive care unit (ICU). It is one of several ICU scoring systems.

The SOFA score is a scoring system to determine the extent of a person's organ function or rate of failure. The score is based on six different scores, one each for the respiratory, cardiovascular, hepatic, coagulation, renal and neurological systems.

Respiratory System

PaO2/FiO2 (mmHg), SOFA score
< 400, 1
< 300, 2
< 200 and mechanically ventilated, 3
< 100 and mechanically ventilated, 4

Nervous System

Glasgow coma score, SOFA score
13 – 14, 1
10 – 12, 2
6 – 9, 3
< 6, 4

Cardio Vascular System

Mean Arterial Pressure OR administration of vasopressors required, SOFA score
MAP < 70 mm/Hg, 1
dop <= 5 or dob (any dose), 2
dop > 5 OR epi <= 0.1 OR nor <= 0.1, 3
dop > 15 OR epi > 0.1 OR nor > 0.1, 4
(vasopressor drug doses are in mcg/kg/min)


Bilirubin (mg/dl), SOFA score
1.2 – 1.9, 1
2.0 – 5.9, 2
6.0 – 11.9, 3
> 12.0, 4


Platelets×103/mcl, SOFA score
< 150, 1
< 100, 2
< 50, 3
< 20, 4

Renal System

Creatinine (mg/dl) (or urine output), SOFA score
1.2 – 1.9, 1
2.0 – 3.4, 2
3.5 – 4.9 (or < 500 ml/d), 3
> 5.0 (or < 200 ml/d), 4


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