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secretoglobin, family 2A, member 2
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LocusChr. 11 q12.3-q13.1

SCGB2A2 is a gene located on chromosome 11, at locus 11q13. It codes a protein named « secretoglobin, family 2A, member 2 », according to the official international nomenclature. Other names for the protein are : mammaglobin (MGB, MAM)[1], mammaglobin-1 (MGB1), precursor of mammaglobin-A (MGBA), uteroglobin 2 (UGB2). SCGB2A2 is member of the superfamily of secretoglobins, a group of small dimeric secreted and sometimes glycosylated proteins. Expressed mainly in mucosa, secretoglobins seems to be involved in cell signalling, immune response, chemotaxis, and could also serve as transporters for steroid hormones in humans[2][3].

SCGB2A2 and breast cancer

SCGB2A2 expression is highly specific of mammary tissue, and is increasingly used for identification and detection of disseminated breast cancer cells[4].


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