Rapture dreams

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Rapture Dreams are said to be dreams in which the dream appears to the dreamer as "more real than real". Sometimes they are associated with religious or prophetic insights.

As a poet explained:

Ah happy he, who thus in magic themes
O’er worlds bewitch’d in early rapture dreams;
Where wild enchantment waves her potent wand
And fancy’s beauties fill her fairy land.
Where doubtful objects strange desires excite,
And Fear and Ignorance afford delight.

History of Rapture Dreams

  • Plutarch's Lives, a history of the Ancients, relates that Caesar on the night before crossing the Rubicon, "had an impious dream, that he was unnaturally familiar with his own mother."
  • On the night before Caesar's death of the Ides of March his wife dreamt "that time she was weeping over Caesar, and holding him butchered in her arms."