Posterior cricoarytenoid muscle

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Posterior cricoarytenoid
Muscles of larynx. Side view. Right lamina of thyroid cartilage removed.
Latin musculus cricoarytenoideus posterior
Gray's subject #236 1082
Origin: posterior part of the cricoid
Insertion: muscular process of the arytenoid cartilage
Nerve: recurrent laryngeal branch of the vagus
Action: abducts and laterally rotates the cartilage, pulling the vocal ligaments away from the midline and forward and so opening the rima glottidis
Antagonist: Lateral cricoarytenoid muscle
Dorlands/Elsevier m_22/12548696

The posterior cricoarytenoid muscles are extremely small, paired muscles that extend from the posterior cricoid cartilage to the arytenoid cartilages in the larynx. By rotating the arytenoid cartilages laterally, these muscles abduct the vocal cords and thereby open the rima glottidis. Their action opposes the lateral cricoarytenoid muscles. The posterior cricoarytenoid muscles receive innervation from the recurrent laryngeal branch of the vagus nerve (CN X).

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