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Osteotomes used in dental implantation
Bernhard Heine's osteotome
its parts and its usage

An osteotome is an instrument used for cutting or preparing bone.
1. Today osteotomes are used in dental implantation. With the osteotome technique, osteoplastic procedures have been developed with which the bone quality (compaction of local bone) and bone quantity (ridge extension in horizontal and vertical dimension) are routinely improved and adequate primary stability of the implants can be ensured with a high degree of predictability.[1]

2. The instrument invented by Bernhard Heine, a German physician in Würzburg in 1830 was used as a bone saw, especially for opening the skull.It is a kind of chain saw moved by turning a winder. Heine's osteotome is not used in surgery any longer.


  1. Definition by a leading German specialist in implantology Gerhard M. Iglhaut


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