Operating theatre

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An operating theatre (gynecological hospital of Medical University of Silesia in Bytom)

An operating theatre, operating room, or a surgery suite is a room within a hospital within which surgical operations are carried out.

Operating theatres were so-called in the United Kingdom because they traditionally consisted of semi-circular amphitheatres to allow students to observe the medical procedures.

The Old Operating Theatre in London is one of the oldest, dating back to 1822. It is a similar age to the Etherdome in Boston built in 1824.

Historic anatomical theatres, which were used for dissection of both human and animal corpses for instructional purposes, exist in Padua, Leiden, Uppsala, and a few other places.

An operating theatre can also be designated as an area of refuge ensuring that an operation may continue for a maximum period of time specified by the local building code in the event of an accidental fire in the hospital.

The Operating Theatre Journal is published in the United Kingdom.

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