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Omegaven is a fatty acid emulsion produced by Fresenius Kabi. It is used for total parenteral nutrition (feeding directly into a venous catheter), e.g. in short bowel syndrome. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

It has gained popularity in children in preference to the more commonly used Intralipid after case reports that it reduced the risk of liver damage.[1]

A recent study indicated that the use of Omegaven may be an appropriate intervention strategy for newborns with a very low birth weight, gastrochisis, and jejunal atresia.[2]

It is currently undergoing a clinical trial at National Taiwan University Hospital.[3]

Although the use of Omegaven in children in the United States is experimental, the use of it in adults in Europe is less controversial.[4] In European studies, Omegaven has been associated with a reduction in psoriasis, when contrasted to administration of omega-6 fatty acid Lipoven.[5] Omegaven has also been associated with reduced mortality and antibiotic use during hospital stays.[6]


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