Mastoid lymph nodes

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Lymph: Mastoid lymph nodes
Superficial lymph glands and lymphatic vessels of head and neck. (Posterior auricular labeled at center left.)
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Lymph nodes at Surface:
1. Occipital (retroauricular)
2. Mastoid
3. Superficial Parotid
4. Deep Parotid
5. Preauricular
6. Infraauricular
7. Intraglandular parotid

Facial Lymph Nodes:
8. Buccinator
9. Nasolabial
10. Mandibular
11. Anterior Cervical (Superficial jugular)
12. Superficial Cervical (External jugular)
Latin nodi lymphoidei mastoidei
Gray's subject #177 693
Drains from scalp
Drains to superior deep cervical glands
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The mastoid lymph nodes (posterior auricular glands), usually two in number, are situated on the mastoid insertion of the Sternocleidomastoideus, beneath the Auricularis posterior.

Their afferent vessels drain the posterior part of the temporoparietal region, the upper part of the cranial surface of the auricula or pinna, and the back of the external acoustic meatus; their efferents pass to the superior deep cervical glands.

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