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Macrogol is the International Nonproprietary Name (INN) for polyethylene glycol. Macrogols have been used as laxatives, i.e. to treat constipation.[1]

They are also used as excipients in pharmaceutical products where lower molecular weight variants are used as solvents in oral liquids and soft capsules. Solid variants are used as ointment bases, tablet bindings, film coatings and lubricants.[2]

Popular types include:

  • macrogol 3350[3]
  • macrogol 4000[4]
  • macrogol 6000[5]

The number represents the average molecular weight of the polyethylene glycol. Combining different molecular weights provides some control over the consistency.[2]

Available forms

Macrogol (polyethylene glycol) is sold as non-prescription preparation in powder form under trade names SoftLax, Purelax, Miralax, Glycoprep, Movicol, Macrogol (generic), Cololyt and Osmolax, among others. It is dissolved in a glass of water to create a clear, tasteless and odorless solution and is swallowed.


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