Longview Psychiatric Unit

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The Longview Psychiatric Unit is sited at 216 Turner Road, Colchester, Essex [1]. It is an adolescent-only facility, dealing with Children between the ages of eleven and seventeen.[2] It is one of the few psychiatric hospitals for adolescents located in Essex.

As well as being an Open Unit, Longview also deals with crises, and emergency sections.

The hospital supports both residence - up to twelve patients - and a day attendance programme. [3]

Longview deals primarily with low priority mental health assessments, however, the hospital will make room for much more severe cases, if it is required.

Longview is closely associated with the Colchester Mind Advocacy service, a service that helps stand up and protect the patients view about his or her educational and emotional needs.

The average residence time is six weeks, but in some cases, it can expand to up to six months, before more extreme measures must be taken.[citation needed]

The hospital also has an Intensive Outreach service. [4]


The unit has two residential wings; the south-eastern side being for the male patients, and the south-western side for the females. Each wing has a toilet, shower, and sink.

In between these two wings is a long wide hallway - thus, Longview - which leads towards the basic educational facilities, as well as the numerous counselling rooms. At the bottom of this hallway is the Nurse's office, which the staff write up their notes on their assigned patients, as well as relax during night shifts. Officially, Longview qualifies as a Special Needs education facility, as primarily focuses on educating the patients with the required syllabuses.[citation needed]


Longview provides both basic, and recreational facilities, these being:

  1. Two Kitchens -- Staff Kitchen, and Patient Kitchen. Provides hot water, and other basic food or drink.
  2. Social Room -- A room for patients to socialise. It also has a television.
  3. Game Room -- Playstation, Game Tables, and a Piano.
  4. Group Room -- Used for group therapy.
  5. Art Cabin -- Full of instruments, and art equipment. Art therapy is held here.[5]
  6. Lunchroom -- A large room full of tables for both the staff and patients to eat in.


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