List of images in Gray's Anatomy: III. Syndesmology

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introduction (Gray's s68)

development of the joints (Gray's s69)

classification of joints (Gray's s70)

the kind of movement admitted in joints (Gray's s71)

articulations of the trunk

articulations of the vertebral column (Gray's s72)

articulation of the atlas with the epistropheus or axis (Gray's s73)

articulations of the vertebral column with the cranium (Gray's s74)

articulation of the mandible (Gray's s75)

costovertebral articulations (Gray's s76)

sternocostal articulations (Gray's s77)

articulation of the manubrium and body of the sternum (Gray's s78)

articulation of the vertebral column with the pelvis (Gray's s79)

articulations of the pelvis (Gray's s80)

articulations of the upper extremity

sternoclavicular articulation (Gray's s81)

acromioclavicular articulation (Gray's s82)

humeral articulation or shoulder-joint (Gray's s83)

elbow-joint (Gray's s84)

radioulnar articulation (Gray's s85)

radiocarpal articulation or wrist-joint (Gray's s86)

intercarpal articulations (Gray's s87)

carpometacarpal articulations (Gray's s88)

intermetacarpal articulations (Gray's s89)

metacarpophalangeal articulations (Gray's s90)

articulations of the digits (Gray's s91)

articulations of the lower extremity

coxal articulation or hip-joint (Gray's s92)

the knee-joint (Gray's s93)

articulations between the tibia and fibula (Gray's s94)

talocrural articulation or ankle-joint (Gray's s95)

intertarsal articulations (Gray's s96)

tarsometatarsal articulations (Gray's s97)

intermetatarsal articulations (Gray's s98)

metatarsophalangeal articulations (Gray's s99)

articulations of the digits (Gray's s100)

arches of the foot (Gray's s101)

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